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Goal Setting for Creatives

If there is something I have a love hate relationship with, it's goal setting. For some reason it works with some things I do but not with others; for example, my free email opt-in was taking a while, so back in October I gave myself the deadline of December 30th and it was ready almost a month beforehand. However, with my book I gave myself the deadline of February 28th and I’m definitely not on target with this one – as least 10,000 words behind on it and it’s been getting me down.

One question I always think is – how can I make my goals easier to achieve? 

Reading up on it, there is a lot of information and honestly with so much to soak up it can be hard to remember or even ascertain which information to follow. I’m sure they all work, but as everyone is different, I’m not sure what will work for me or you. Then I found a tweet by my friend Rebecca Viner - she has recently done her website, rebranded and set herself goals to achieve AND released a workbook – which you should definitely get if you’re just starting out. Her tweet went a bit like this: "Ultimate Vision - 3 objectives - 5 achievable steps. Okay so that's it broken down now lets create some goals."

Write down Your Ultimate Vision or Goal

Whatever it is that you want to achieve this year, write it down. It can be anything, from putting out your first workbook (free or paid), to setting up your course idea. It doesn't matter what it is that you're aiming for, only that you write it down. Once it's written it can't be forgotten - so write it somewhere you'll remember.

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Behind-the-Scenes: My Blog & Life Goals For October 2015

Oh October. I've gotta' say, I'm very excited for you.

Lots of good things happened in September, but it was tough and bitty. Now, things can properly start and I can't wait. The biggest thing that's happened is that I've started my new permanent job as Marketing Co-ordinator for a sixth form College. Which means that I now officially get a permanent pay check each month! You wouldn't think this to be such a big deal - but coming from someone who hasn't had a consistent pay check in months, it is!

Setting goals at the start of the month is a great way to align my work with the things in life that matter to me the most. Plus, sharing them with you motivates me even more to complete them, and I love reading about the goals you set for yourself too.

Today, we're diving into how I got on in September as well as the goals I'll be working towards during October. 

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July Goals & The Month In Review

Summer is here!

Please tell me you’ve been getting some of the lovely warm weather that’s been making its way around these parts? I hope you have and I hope you’ve had the chance to enjoy it. As for me, it’s confirming that I hate being restricted to working in one place. I’m trying my hardest not to look out of the office window and I wish I worked somewhere that I’d be able to walk to.

Anyway, as I was writing this post, I kind of realised that I’d set these goals without thinking about the holiday I’ve just come back from. It’s never as simple as just going on holiday, is it? It seems in the few weeks leading up to it, all your free time is spent preparing for it! I think my goals weren’t very focused last month.

But here’s how it went:

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May: A Month In Review

I’m going to skip over the part where I freak out because we’re halfway through the year and get straight to it.

So – welcome to the final post of May where I review everything that’s happened in the world of A Branch of Holly this month. I did think about scrapping this monthly series, but after some lovely words from my readers I’ve decided to keep it. I hope you can gain plenty of encouragement and inspiration from this, and also take a look at any behind-the-scenes action.

Let’s see how we got on then!

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April: A Month In Review

Welcome to my collection of April goals, and a new extended version of this post.

Recently, I decided I was going to introduce a feature called Week In Review. But I've chosen to leave that for the time being, which you’ll find out about later. So I thought it would be good to include a review in my usual goals post. I think you’ll enjoy this if you like seeing an insight into other people's goals and progress; you need to be inspired to create your own goals, and you like a bit of behind the scenes action. 

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Setting Goals For 2015 - A Man's Perspective

I've got a confession to make - all the blogs I read are written by women. Most of the people I follow on social media are women, and most of the people I talk to on Twitter are women. But whenever I read a piece of content written by a man, I'm intrigued and entertained. Which leads me nicely on today's post...

There is officially a new writer to the blog - my partner in crime, Tom.

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March Goals: Creating, Considering & Clothes Shopping

Welcome to my next set of monthly goals! Can you believe it's nearly the end of February? Time is going quickly, but I've actually been really looking forward to the end of this month, mainly because this weekend I'll be living it up in Newcastle. It's always really refreshing to get a new change of scenery and it's also a great time for reflection.

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Career 101: How To Set Realistic Career Goals

What do you want from your career? Creative adrenaline? A nice bank balance? An authoritative role? A relaxed lifestyle? We wouldn’t embark on a journey without a real idea of our destination. So why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to our career?

Something I’ve noticed around the blogosphere lately and on Twitter  is how people are getting really fed up of hearing the words ‘dream job’. I recently spoke about how we’re made to think that we’ll all get our dream job, no problem – but it just doesn’t work that way. 

When I was job hunting I became so discouraged. I hadn’t set any goals, so I had nothing to work towards. Now I think differently.

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[Guest Post]: Oh Look How Far You've Come...

Today, I welcome a guest post to A Branch of Holly - the lovely Stephie from Tea In Your Twenties. I have had the pleasure of meeting this lady in real life and let me tell you - she is definitely the girl behind the blog. Chatty, open and someone you feel like you've known forever.

So I won't give anything else away. Just go ahead and read. But I will tell you this - she'll put a smile on your face.

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Career 101: Why It's Important To Think Big

So this piece of writing has turned out a lot differently to what I had planned originally.

You see, I tried to formulate this into a long textbook post. My aim when planning this piece of content was to talk with you and explain why thinking big is so important. Instead, I found that a few of the phrases I was conjuring up were much more poignant than endless paragraphs. These days, we’re being told that the longer our content is the better. But the truth is, sometimes a simple post works just as well. So I’m not here to give you the magic formula of how to reach your dreams. I’m not here to talk to you endlessly about what’s important and why. I think you already know. But here are a few words and phrases just to remind you that it is okay to think big.

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November Photo Round Up & New Goals

November Goals Review

1. Get Christmas sorted [done] - Picture the scene. It's Saturday. You're going to the Trafford Centre. And you completely blast Christmas shopping. Yep, we did it! When you go with the right mindset, you've got a list and you take your time, shopping at this time of year can be really enjoyable. It was great and I can't wait to wrap everything we got.

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