August Photo Round Up & New Goals

August Goals Review

1. Get a job - I am beyond thrilled, happy and excited to be able to say that this month I achieved this goal. I will be working for an online e-commerce company as a an e-commerce assistant. The next chapter of my life is beginning. 

2. Finish my book - I don't know what has happened this month, but I just haven't been reading a lot. I'd say I'm on chapter 3 I think! It's been a month when I've been doing more with my evenings and staying up late with my family, but once I get back into the swing of things, I'll be moving onto the next book.

3. Have a month of eating healthily...properly - August what have you done to me? I set out with really good aims and by the end of the month you've ruined me. Two weeks of this month involved many meals out and lots of wine. But it's been worth it and we've had a few excuses to celebrate - sometimes we're all allowed a break.

4. Keep up blogging nearly every day - This I'm proud to say that I've achieved and it's definitely paid off. The more I blog, the more ideas I get, the more blogs I find and the more inspiration hits me. I think it'll be a challenge to keep it up with the start of my new job but I'm determined to find a way to make it work.

Two out of four this month is great, especially when they're the biggest goals on the list! To read more about my August goals, they're right here.

September Goals

1. Get into healthy eating habits - It happens to all of us in summer doesn't it? Parties, weddings, celebrations, and sometimes we don't even need an excuse! I've treated myself a lot this month, as have most of my family. But now that we're all back to work it's the best time to start all over again with eating healthy food. I can definitely tell the difference in my body and I'm looking forward to having a bit of a detox. 

2. Sort out a new routine - A new job means a new routine. For the past couple of months, I've not had anything to determine what time I complete tasks at, but now that I'll be out of the house for nearly 12 hours a day means that I'll have to alter some things around. The two main things I want to fit in are exercising and blogging. So over the next month I'll be sorting out a new routine and attempting to stick to it.

3. Finish off my bedroom - I recently wrote a post about updating my bedroom and it's almost finished now - it's always the finishing touches that take the longest! During the week before I start work I'm aiming to have it completed, which is going to involve one huge clear out.

4. Add to my 'working' wardrobe - Not only does a new job mean a new routine, but a new wardrobe too! Well, not a whole new wardrobe but still - I definitely need to add some smart clothes to my collection and I can't wait to hit the shops with my mum. Look out for a blog post in the very near future!

Another set of goals - look out to see if I've completed them at the end of the month!


What are your goals for September? Are any of these on your list