February Goals: Pushing, Planning & Playing

I don’t know about you, but I will be so glad to see the back of January. It’s not the greatest month in the world but this is the first year that I've felt the full force of it. Anyway, to round it off we welcome a new set of goals. First of all though, it’s time to re-cap.

Good thing:

You’ll have heard me going on about this a lot this month, but Tom and I have officially started saving up – properly. Not a few bits here and there, but actual set amounts that we’re going to transfer over to our savings account each month. Thankfully we've got a really good attitude towards it that makes it even more worthwhile. It’s going to be great seeing the amount rise each month.

Bad thing: 

I've been very negative lately. So much so that it’s been getting on top of me. I've been doing and saying things that just aren't me. But the most confusing thing is, I don’t know why I've been doing it. I hear myself say something and think, did I really just say that? It’s very difficult sometimes. I just blame January and it’s blueness.

Good thing:

Taking time to sit and enjoy our time without phones or iPads. We work on them all day, we check them when we get home and it just gets too much. So we decided that every weeknight we’ll have a cut-off point at least at 9pm if not before. We've only been trying it for two weeks and so far it’s really working. We’re making more time to be present and in the moment, which is something very important to do.

Next month I would like to…

  • Learn how to worry less
  • Take even more time to live in the moment and do things that fill my life

December goals review

1. Make the most of Christmas [done] - It seems strange talking about this now because Christmas seems so far away. But looking back at those eleven days I had off, I definitely made the most of every minute. When January arrives, sometimes it feels as if we can't utter that festive word anymore. But it was a great time, one that I love looking back on.

2. Save save save [done] - Done! We put a big chunk away from what we've had saved up for the past few months and I can't wait to see it grow. Future, here we come!

3. Stay on top of my exercise routine [done] - My fitness regime has been going strong for the past few years. But then with a job in Stockport which I left, plus the run up to Christmas, all just meant that I wasn’t as consistent. So as of the day I went back to work at the start of this month I’ve been back on it and I’ve already seen a difference. This box is well and truly ticked for January.

4. Find new healthy snacks [done] - Grapes, crackers, tasty pieces of ham – I have found a way to make it through the working day without feeling like I’m about to faint. My salad at lunch fills me up and I drink enough water to open my own shop.

February Goals

1. Push myself creatively - I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Since I graduated from my Master’s degree, I’ve developed a really strong skill set. But at the moment, the opportunities where I can use my skills are for my blog, not work. But there’s so much I could do with them if I was given the chance to. That’s why I’m taking things into my own hands in February. It’s time to be assertive, use my initiative and to not be afraid of taking the first step.

2. Find some freelance work - This is a big one. It’s something I’ve wanted to get myself into for a while. I read all the freelancing blogs and tips I can find, but it’s just finding people who want my services that I find the hardest. So if anyone has any tips, feel free to hook me up!

3. Learn to control my overthinking - I put this as a goal, yet I just know for a fact I won’t be marking it with [done] this time next month. Call me negative but honestly, it’s a real problem of mine. I overthink everything. It’s like my brain goes into overtime and thrusts these thoughts in my mind that I just don’t want to know about. Sometimes I have no trouble pushing them away. Other times, well – that’s the reason why it’s a goal.

4. Start planning a holiday - Now Tom and I are both earning it means that this year, for the first time ever, we can go on our first big holiday. We’ve both been on holidays with our parents many of times, but our first one together, where we can actually pay to go somewhere amazing and exotic. We’re starting off with a blank sheet of paper and just going to have a look to see where we fancy. But obviously if one of my lovely reader’s has any suggestions, they’ll definitely be making the list!


I'd love to know, are you making any goals for February?

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