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Behind-the-Scenes: My Blog & Life Goals For October 2015

Oh October. I've gotta' say, I'm very excited for you.

Lots of good things happened in September, but it was tough and bitty. Now, things can properly start and I can't wait. The biggest thing that's happened is that I've started my new permanent job as Marketing Co-ordinator for a sixth form College. Which means that I now officially get a permanent pay check each month! You wouldn't think this to be such a big deal - but coming from someone who hasn't had a consistent pay check in months, it is!

Setting goals at the start of the month is a great way to align my work with the things in life that matter to me the most. Plus, sharing them with you motivates me even more to complete them, and I love reading about the goals you set for yourself too.

Today, we're diving into how I got on in September as well as the goals I'll be working towards during October. 

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