September Photo Round Up & New Goals

September Goals Review

1. Get into healthy eating habits - This is something I'm very proud to say I've achieved this month. I've been really determined about my eating habits, making sure I only take healthy snacks to work and not going mad at weekends, although I still allow myself a treat or two! And I'm definitely going to carry on.

2. Sort out a new routine - It's hard when you have to completely change your routine. When Tom and I both started our jobs, we sat down and planned our weeks so we knew exactly what was going on. We still do spontaneous things, but knowing what there is to be done day by day has really helped me start this new routine.

3. Finish off my bedroom - This is almost complete. After I chose this to be one of last month's goals, we ended up having a trip to Ikea and I got the last few things I needed to finish off my bedroom. I'm so happy with it. The only task left to do is to put up some pictures and once that's done it'll be exactly how I always wanted it.

4. Add to my working wardrobe - I briefly added to my working wardrobe with a gorgeous pair of black pants from Next and a thick green jumper, but I actually realised that many of the clothes I already have could transfer over to my work style. I will keep adding to it of course, because the autumn/winter collections for this season are stunning.

So I can safely say I'm proud with two and a half out of four! To read more about my September goals, they're right here.

October Goals

1. Try really hard to succeed in my new job - I've been in my new role for three weeks now. The guy who I'm replacing had his last day on Friday so now it really is all down to me. I've picked up most things, but it's just a case of practice, practice practice. So this month I'm really going to try and make my mark and prove to people that I can do it.

2. Grow my hair - Guess how long I've been growing my hair for? Seven years. SEVEN! And yes, it's grown, but not enough. I want it long and when I say long, I mean long. But the problem (which if you have curly hair like me you'll definitely know about), is that my hair takes twice as long to grow. If you have straight hair it just grows down. Curly hair grows round itself in a spiral and so takes longer. Which is a pain! So I'm going to research this month and do everything I can to keep growing it.

3. Start saving - When we were job hunting, Tom and I always said that once we started earning we'd save as much as we could every month to go towards getting a place together. Now that's become a reality the saving starts here. We're lucky enough that we live with our parents and we don't need to buy a lot, so we're going to save as much as we can. Being a grown up is exiting but scary at the same time!

4. Keep taking amazing care of my animals - This may sound like an odd one, because obviously I take care of my cat and two rabbits already. But it seems that work changes everything. They're so happy all the time and are loved by us all, but obviously during the day we have to leave them. So this is why one of my goals this month is to put in even more effort with them and cherish the time that I do get with them. They're entertaining, friendly, loving and worth every minute.


Another set of goals - look out to see if I've completed them at the end of the month!