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May: A Month In Review

I’m going to skip over the part where I freak out because we’re halfway through the year and get straight to it.

So – welcome to the final post of May where I review everything that’s happened in the world of A Branch of Holly this month. I did think about scrapping this monthly series, but after some lovely words from my readers I’ve decided to keep it. I hope you can gain plenty of encouragement and inspiration from this, and also take a look at any behind-the-scenes action.

Let’s see how we got on then!

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April: A Month In Review

Welcome to my collection of April goals, and a new extended version of this post.

Recently, I decided I was going to introduce a feature called Week In Review. But I've chosen to leave that for the time being, which you’ll find out about later. So I thought it would be good to include a review in my usual goals post. I think you’ll enjoy this if you like seeing an insight into other people's goals and progress; you need to be inspired to create your own goals, and you like a bit of behind the scenes action. 

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