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 Do you want to get consistent traffic so you can increase your visibility and get noticed? Come up with an effective posting schedule where you’re speaking directly to your target audience? Have confidence in those big goals and ideas you’ve been dreaming up?

And have time to do all this without making too many sacrifices?

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If you’re a passionate product based business owner (no matter what stage you’re at in your journey), you’re in the right place.


hey, i’m holly.

I’m addicted to cups of tea, reading magazines, and blogging. My job is to be your mentor and teach you how to get a breakthrough with your online presence.

I’ve been blogging for over five years and in 2017 I used my blog to create a business that allowed me to go from a corporate digital marketer to writer, teacher, and coach. I also won three industry awards in the space of twelve months.

My blog has been the KEY to building a life and business on my own terms. And I know you’re on your way to your next breakthrough too.


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