Career 101: Why It's Important To Think Big

So this piece of writing has turned out a lot differently to what I had planned originally.

You see, I tried to formulate this into a long textbook post. My aim when planning this piece of content was to talk with you and explain why thinking big is so important. Instead, I found that a few of the phrases I was conjuring up were much more poignant than endless paragraphs. These days, we’re being told that the longer our content is the better. But the truth is, sometimes a simple post works just as well. So I’m not here to give you the magic formula of how to reach your dreams. I’m not here to talk to you endlessly about what’s important and why. I think you already know. But here are a few words and phrases just to remind you that it is okay to think big.

- It’s good to be ambitious. It’s actually great to be ambitious. Why? It helps us grow.

- However ‘big’ you’re thinking right now, ask yourself this question – is it really big enough?

- If your big picture scares you in a good way, your dreams can be reached. Because you know you want them.

- Thinking big allows you to realise what it is you want and how you can get there. You have the power to make things possible.

- You are allowed to say what you want. No matter how big it is. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t.

- Thinking big makes you focus even more on the present.

Yes, you’re thinking ahead to the future. But you can work out how you need to get there and what you need to do.

- Living in the present is crucial. But not 100% of the time. If we did, would we ever really get anywhere?

- You will feel so proud and humble for the work you put in.

- Your big picture can become your reality.

- The smaller steps of your journey will become clearer to you and could be some of the most important.

Self-doubt is allowed. It makes you come back stronger and ready to fight for what you want.

- If you wake up saying “my goal is to get through my to-do list”, what you do on that day will be very different than waking up and saying “my goal is [insert here] and I want to do as much as I can today to get closer to that.” It’s all about focus.

- There’s always a bigger big. If you think about what is even bigger than your current big picture, that’s what you need to aim for.

- If you dare to think big it will definitely be fulfilling.


Do you believe it's important to think big?

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