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11 Of The Best Things To Tell You From My First Conference

Hello my lovely readers!

Boy have I missed you. But now I'm back from France, refreshed, rested and ready to work hard for the next six months of the year. 

Nearly three weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend my first ever conference, called SAScon: Search Analytics & Social Media. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll have been well aware that I live tweeted the whole event. There was so much incredible information, I couldn't not share it. Which made me realise that I also needed to write about it. So here we are.

In this post, these eleven points will open your eyes as to where the blogging and online world is heading. They aren't action points to work on, and I'm not going to tell you how to do anything. This will be more of a discussion as to what you need to know to get a head start in the direction our industry is heading in.

So sit back, relax and get ready - some of these points will definitely shock you.

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What Is Digital Marketing & Why Is It Important?

Have you come across the phrase 'digital marketing' recently?

Or how about online marketing? Chances are you have. And chances are it’s pretty unclear what this actually entails. I'll admit this is one of the places you see the phrase 'digital marketing' being mentioned a lot. But it's essentially what we're doing. Digital marketing encompasses everything we do on a daily basis.  

Simply, digital marketing means to use the web to grow your business.

You apply different online techniques to expand your business reach, and you market products or services through various digital channels.

Digital marketing moves at the speed of light. As soon as we've learnt one thing, something new appears that we have to get to grips with. When you're a beginner in the industry like I was, this can be really challenging. You can read all the advice in the world.

But what you focus on is ultimately down to your decision and what your instincts tell you.

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Back To Basics: Do You Even Need To Be On Social Media?

Social media used to be a world of posting whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.

Just looking back at tweets from my old personal profiles makes me cringe – most of what I tweeted was about what food I was eating! We posted about ourselves and so did everyone else.

For me, it all started with MySpace and MSN Messenger. Facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist until much later.

It was as if they came out of nowhere. 

What’s even crazier is that when I was doing research for this post, I found out that LinkedIn was actually started in December 2002. That was my first year of high school – I had no idea it existed until I started university in 2009!

Thinking about where all these social media channels started many years ago, it’s unbelievable how far they’ve come. Instead of just documenting our lives, we can use social media to grow a loyal customer base and even start a business. The possibilities are endless.

But there’s a question I always see people asking: “Do I actually need to be on social media?”

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Building Brands & Traffic Training - A New Exclusive Series

Today, you're getting to see something big.  Huge in fact.

I want you guys to know about it. Yesterday, this was revealed to my VIP tribe of newsletter subscribers. They were the first ones to know before it was published on here and before I shared it on social media. After today? They'll be the only ones who know about it. You see, I'm starting a brand new series called Building Brands & Traffic Training.

But after today, it's only going to be available to my newsletter tribe. It won't be published on here and it won't be talked about anywhere else. You have to sign up to get it.

So, are you in?

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How to Create a Great Twitter Bio with These Key Ingredients

Every second, 6,000 tweets are sent on Twitter. 

That's 350,000 every minute. 500 million per day. And 200 billion tweets every year. These are incredible numbers. But there's so much more to Twitter than just tweeting. And you definitely can't do well on Twitter without a great profile. You'd think it would be simple to create a really good one. But it isn't.

So how do you make the most of yours?

This social media platform is one of the most important features of your personal brand. Interaction and promotion combined, this is one way you're guaranteed to be found.

I get new followers on Twitter every day, and since January my following has increased by over 20%. But what is it that makes someone decide to follow me? What is it that makes you want to follow them?

Here are thirteen steps you need to take to create a great Twitter profile.

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