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How to Create a Great Twitter Bio with These Key Ingredients

Every second, 6,000 tweets are sent on Twitter. 

That's 350,000 every minute. 500 million per day. And 200 billion tweets every year. These are incredible numbers. But there's so much more to Twitter than just tweeting. And you definitely can't do well on Twitter without a great profile. You'd think it would be simple to create a really good one. But it isn't.

So how do you make the most of yours?

This social media platform is one of the most important features of your personal brand. Interaction and promotion combined, this is one way you're guaranteed to be found.

I get new followers on Twitter every day, and since January my following has increased by over 20%. But what is it that makes someone decide to follow me? What is it that makes you want to follow them?

Here are thirteen steps you need to take to create a great Twitter profile.

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