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#BloggingBreakthrough - F is for Facebook

Hey #BloggingBreakthrough friend! Are you ready for Chapter 6? Yeah? Good answer. For the letter ‘F’ we’re going to be talking about a social media platform. A platform that people love or hate. But either way, it can do big things for your online presence.

So far in the #BloggingBreakthrough series, we've looked at your audience, branding, categories, Disqus and email lists.

But today’s post is all about Facebook. Here’s what we’re going to cover: 

  • What Facebook is good for
  • Setting up a page
  • Engagement and growth - what to actually post to Facebook
  • Analytics


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Many people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and rightly so. You can’t get far without investing in a little. But it still has benefits. We’ve just got to figure out what they are… 


A lot of us were Facebook users before we even knew what blogging was. Back in the day, we used it to connect with our friends and post statuses about what we’d been up to. But here, we’re going to be talking about Facebook pages, which actually requires a deeper strategy. 

The difference comes down to the fact that you’re not using it to post pictures of your pet or kid. You’re using it to grow your online presence. 

Social media is a really important tool we’ve got at our fingertips to promote ourselves and our blogs. 

But when it comes to Facebook, I know you’re unsure. Its algorithm means that only 3-5% of your followers will actually see what you post to your page. It doesn’t seem worth it, right? When really, if you’ve got the right tips to help you use this platform, you can get some big results.

I believe there are some crucial things to know about when it comes to Facebook. That’s what we’re going to dive into today as part of the #BloggingBreakthrough series.

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