The Blogging Breakthrough community is a way to get inspired, stay motivated and connect with like-minded bloggers, whilst working smarter to always get a breakthrough with your blog.



By becoming a breakthrough blogger, you will get access to everything that I’ve done to get my blog where it is today. You’ll also get to connect with other bloggers who want to get inspired to get a breakthrough with their blog, just like you, but don’t know where to start.

Well you don’t have to go round in circles any longer. I’m here to take the weight off your shoulders.

Every Monday, you’ll get a letter from me based on something I’ve learnt that week that I want to transfer to you. All you have to do is read the email, respond (if you want to) and take action.

But that’s not all.

When you join, you’ll also get access to two massive free products:



This is a new feature to the Blogging Breakthrough community: a digital community magazine that will hit your inbox once a month. It’s going to highlight the content that you, my readers, have loved the most over the past month - PLUS not-on-the-blog content and include lots of other surprises. Click on the image for special access to the launch issue!



This is NOT your typical "here's how to grow your blog" challenge (and not just because it's free).

This is tried and tested, "it works", personal stuff.

This is an approach to getting a breakthrough with your blog that cuts out all the fluff and gets straight to the point.

Blogging Breakthrough is a free 100+ page eBook that shows you how to get a real breakthrough with your blog, time and time again.

Once you get it, it’s yours to keep forever.

This isn’t going to be loads of things you’ve already read a million times over. This challenge is for bloggers who are ready to go back to basics and rediscover why they love blogging so much – that’s where the breakthrough begins.


“LOVING this series – I’ve been getting a lot out of it in a matter of days!” – Mascara & Mud
“I’ve just found your blog but now I’m going to have to go back through and read your other posts, because this was fab and just what I need” – Sian @ Cakey Dreamer
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The Blogging Breakthrough community is your one-stop place where you can come for support when you’re feeling lost with your blog.

Instead of generic blogging tips every month that you see all the time, as a Breakthrough Blogger you’ll get access to real stories and real ways to take action. You won’t be joining a community for nothing…

You will be enhancing your community, building your personal brand and getting to where you want to be.


By signing up to join Blogging Breakthrough, you’ll get access to a letter each week, a magazine each month and an eBook to keep forever.

Once you complete the form, you’ll be sent an email asking to confirm your email address. When you’ve done that, you’ll get access to all the goodness and get working on getting your first breakthrough.


Can’t wait to have you as a part of the community!

Who are you anyway?

Hey, I'm Holly. I like to help people chase their dreams, follow their passion and get to where they want to be. I like listening to acoustic covers when I'm working. I've played piano since I was 13 and I love going for walks.

What else is there to know? Oh yeah - the blogging stuff:

I grew my Twitter community by over 2,000 people in under a month. I did this, not by being spammy or buying followers.

I built my blog that creates real value, and I believe in blogging about where your passions lie.

Today, I run a full-time blog and work as a Marketing Coordinator for one of the Top 5 Sixth Form Colleges in the UK.