My Daily Instagram Struggle

Are you on Instagram?

Of course you are. What a silly question.

The thing is, these days, we're all expected to be on it aren't we? Snapping and filtering our lives away. Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and I love taking pictures of my life to look back at. But it seems that we're all guilty of one little thing when it comes to this app - we only take photos of the good stuff.

Now that of course, is to be expected, isn't it? We love looking at the good stuff and we love looking at what people are getting up to in their day to day lives. It's natural, because the more we share with the world, or our readers, the more interested they become.

But honestly? I've no idea how people do it.

Their photos just look so good, don't they? The cute accessories, the pretty magazines, the fresh flowers - they all create the perfect picture. And what's even more amazing is that these are just completely random items, but when they're put together they look perfect and create the perfect Instagram life.

Something else I don't understand is the aspect of time. How is there enough time in a morning to get the perfect outfit photo? How is there enough time to get a picture of your pet looking all happy? How is there enough time to post a relaxing picture from your morning routine? Usually I remember these things as I'm walking out the door and I'm already late.

Then you see the gorgeous fashion bloggers who model a new outfit every single day and you just think how on earth are you affording to wear a new outfit every single day? 

Believe me, if I had the money to pay for a new item of clothing to wear everyday I'd probably do it. But the truth is, my life just isn't like that and I know that's the same for many people. Our Instagram followers see the "edited" version of our lives, but that's something I'm trying to change.

As for me? I don't consciously think about it. I don't wake up in a morning and think, 'I've got to take at least three photos for Instagram today.' Because how is that living? Pictures should be taken when we want to take them, when we're feeling inspired, happy, sad - whenever.

When I'm out for a walk in gorgeous scenery, I'll take a picture. If I've cooked something amazing, I'll take a picture. I'll always snap away with my family and pets. And yes, if one day my self-confidence is through the roof, I'll take a picture of myself. 

But it all comes down to one thing and that is you. These platforms we use are all letting our readers and friends see who we really are. Which is why I don't edit my life. 

So the honesty you'll find on here you'll find over on Instagram too.

And some pretty nice pictures as well.


What are your thoughts on Instagram?