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Today’s talking point:

Holly, I've been following you for a while and really benefit from your pep talks. Marketing feels really noisy to me and I haven't found my personal way of doing it yet.

This episode is a little bit different. It's all about my advice to you, my fellow boss. I am going to go through seven reminders that you need as a sign that you are exactly where you need to be. This comes from lister questions, and things that I have experienced in my own business. Let's get into it.


We are going to go over some advice and a little bit of a pep talk. There are only 2 ½ months left in 2019 and the back half of the year always seems way more busy than the front half. So it's time for me to lift you up. It's time to say, boss, you've got this. Here are seven things to remember and seven signs to look out for as you grow as a business owner. 

#1| Be Open to Unexpected Growth

Whatever you think your business is right now and what it can be, be open to new and unexpected growth. Sometimes what we envision right now may not be where we're at in six months or even two years. When I started business coaching, I didn't know what the future was going to be for me. Doing this through being a business coach and my online journey, which has been six years in the making, it has morphed into something that I wouldn't have even been able to wrap my brain around all that time ago (or even 12 months ago). 

If you are starting a brand new business or maybe you've been in the trenches for a while, always be open to new and unexpected growth because this is our adventure. It is our journey. It's our life. 

We all started a business because we had a brilliant idea and wanted to see that brilliant idea planted to watch it grow and bloom. Sometimes, even with sights on a specific goal, you might have to take a left turn when we thought we were going right - don’t let that discourage you. Let it blossom into something more amazing or more different than what we had originally anticipated. 

There isn’t a specific roadmap for the right path of YOUR own business. You’ll find guides of marketing, launching, or finding clients, but at the end of the day we still have to get into the dirt. We have to sink ourselves into the trenches and do the work to find out what works for our individual businesses.

Sometimes that work causes us to bloom in other ways; always be open to those new and unexpected growths that will happen and cultivate all of it, because it's going to provide you with opportunities that you couldn’t even fathom in the beginning. 

#2| Have Patience

This is something that I have struggled with through the years as an online creative, especially with my blog and sometimes with this podcast. We all get expectations that might not come true, or not know steps to take to meet your own expectations. 

There will be times where things were supposed to work out, and then they didn’t. Business isn't easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But you need to persevere. When you have patience and stay determined to keep pushing forward, you will get results (even unexpected ones). Maybe that left turn brought something into your life that you never anticipated and it's much better than your wildest dreams. Embrace whatever fork in the road that causes you to change directions, because life happens guys.

#3| Stay True to Who You Are

This can be hard - it’s why I say how important it is for you to define your why. Define why you're doing what you're doing, and also what your core values are. At the end of the day, you cannot be everything to everyone. 

As much as we want to be people pleasers, at some point it becomes a detriment to ourselves. It's not always going to be easy when you realise you can't be everything to everyone, but at the end of the day you still have to make yourself the number one person because you're the one that's got the vision. 

Stand confident in who you are, what your brand is and operate with integrity. Never compromise your values for money. Sometimes it is a hard lesson if you’re watching money walk away because you have stayed true to your morals, but it will be so worth it in the long run. Operate from a firm understanding of what your why is and your core values and with integrity and authenticity. 

#4| Believe in Yourself

What you may see in yourself as a weakness, may actually be one of your greatest strengths. Always set your intentions for what you're wanting to accomplish and just go after it. Because if you do not believe in yourself, you will not move forward. 

If you do not have confidence in yourself that you are exactly who you are and the person that you're meant to be, you will cause yourself to get stagnant. You will be on that hamster wheel that causes you to never get off. You need to believe in yourself, even when it feels hard.

#5| Don’t Give Up

You should never, ever, ever give up ever. I don't care how many bad comments or curveballs are thrown at you in your life: never give up on your dreams. Failure is going to happen. 

It is going to look big and ugly and nasty when you're in the thick of it. But once you can step back and actually focus on all of the other things that are still going right and celebrate those things, that failure is going to squish down into a small, small thing. 

Failure is how we keep ourselves learning and moving forward. It's trial and error. Like I said, there's not a roadmap. So never give up on yourself, when you’re trying to figure out what route to take. Step back and always celebrate the parts that are working, the things that are going well, no matter how big or small. 

#6| Trust Your Gut

When you have a business decision to make, I want you to choose what feels right every single time. I want you to trust yourself. Use your why and your core values to guide you in the right direction and through the rough patches 

There will always be times where fear or doubt can stop you from moving forward. It may not go the expected route, but by continually taking steps (no matter how big or small), you will grow. 

I’ve had times where I felt unsure if I was ready to launch. After reaching out to a coach and looking at all of my preparation I could see it was just fear. I knew I was ready to do this. I knew this was the next step for me. After getting through that step, now I know that I'll need to work through that every single time that feeling comes up, as long as I'm still choosing what feels right. 

#7| Give 100%

You can't just give 50% of yourself into your business. You have to give a million percent most all of the time. I say most all of the time because we're human and things are going to happen, life is going to get in the way, but you can't just be 50% in. You have to be all in.

You have to always give 110% and you have to be open to new and unexpected growth. I received growth after pushing myself further out of my comfort zone than ever before in my last launch and it paid off. I booked out my one on one coaching program, but for this next launch I have faced more fear than ever and things like that are going to happen. It's not always sunshine and flowers. 

Even if you go through failure, when you give 110% you are setting yourself up for future success.


Things are going to happen. We are going to fail. Speed bumps are going to come into our way, we’re going to take a left instead of taking a right. But if you look at these reminders, if you are:

  • open to new and unexpected growth

  • Patient

  • true to who you are

  • Know what your why is, what your core values are

  • believe in yourself,

  • keep pushing forward and don't let yourself give up. 

If you choose what feels right and you give a hundred million percent of yourself, you're going to get there. You are going to get that breakthrough. You're going to boss it, you're going to create that life that you want to be living, I promise.

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