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I love talking about building an online presence. I love teaching ideas and strategies that are going to make a difference to someone’s brand, and what I love even more is that excited, high-pitched exchange in a conversation because you’ve achieved results. One of the things I believe the most is that marketing yourself online is about an exchange between two people. If you are yourself, you’ll build the know, like and trust factor, and see a positive improvement in your results online.

But there’s nothing wrong with having a little help along the way.

That’s why I continue to put all my knowledge and experience into a free resource library. As long as they help you take action, even if it’s just one simple step, then I’m happy. All resources in the library are based on my years of marketing, branding and blogging knowledge, as well as the resources and exercises that my coaching clients have found the most useful.

If you’re looking for inspiration and know-how to start marketing yourself in the right way, you’ll get it all here.

Here are some examples of the resources you’ll get:

  • Beginners guide to SEO

  • 38 ways to grow your email list in 60 minutes or less

  • A step-by-step roadmap to growing your blog

  • How to find keywords on Pinterest (+ where to put them)

  • Building a brand on social media

  • Instagram hashtags checklist

  • 47 of the best blog post ideas

  • The ultimate social media posting schedule

And loads more.

Plus, every time I release a new freebie I’ll send it straight to your inbox along with the password to the library, so there’s no need to be filling in a sign up form every time you want one of them. Because that’s frustrating, right?

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Bitesized Breakthroughs + The Blogging Breakthrough Facebook Group

As well as the resources, you’ll also receive my Bitesized Breakthroughs every Tuesday at 10am and get access to my Facebook group for bloggers and business owners where I host a live workshop every Monday at 8pm.

Bitesized Breakthroughs isn’t your average newsletter, because it has a structure. I hate my inbox being filled with tonnes of repetitive clutter, which is why I make sure it’s absolutely packed with value. I work really hard to make my emails as much of a resource as the added content that you’re signing up for.

Here’s what you get from me in each edition:

  • A strategy solution related to an aspect of online marketing

  • A Blog It Boss It Action step each week so you can implement the strategies I teach

  • Access to my latest workbooks and free resources

  • Updates on my newest blog posts, videos and podcast episodes

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