This is a guest post written by Alice Clarke.

Anyone who’s interested in writing, whether professionally or as a hobby, understands the power of words.

Various phrases can be used to influence readers in a specific way and evoke a response from them.

Blog post writing is about having the right information and presenting it in the best way possible. The words that you choose will impact the message and the audience’s response. If you want to improve the reputation of your blog, you will have to focus on words and phrases that can potentially build trust. Here are a few of these words that are proven to influence an audience in a desirable way.

The Importance of Emphasising “Change”

The word change is usually linked to growth and positive developments. Writing about something that’s changing can get readers curious and willing to find out more about the positive aspects of the new development.

Putting together a change-oriented statement is an easy task. All that it takes is one sentence to affect the perception of the person going through the text.

Here’s a simple example – you can introduce a new series of texts to the blog. The series could be used to provide in-depth information about a particular topic of interest.

You can start the series by saying that a change in format is required to provide more comprehensive information. Since a single blog post is insufficient, you’re launching an entire series dedicated to taking an in-depth look at the respective issue.

You can also write “change’ blog posts about the new company or business developments. Hiring a new professional is a positive change. Launching a new product is a positive change. The more you write about such changes, the more you’ll be showing potential customers that you are evolving. 


Psychology Today presented an interesting study of the manner in which words could affect the perception of people. A positive or a negative attitude is sometimes all about the selection of the right words to make a statement.

Researchers found out that the use of positive words like “yes” can quickly make people feel positive things. The same applies to simple positive affirmations that have an encouraging and optimistic impact.

“Yes, this is possible” or “you can accomplish X” will inspire people and make them look for more information from your blog. A creative, positive message will sometimes be all that it takes to build trust and boost blog post engagement. After all, readers are looking for encouragement and good vibes. If you can provide those, you will have readers coming back to your blog time and time again. 

5 of the most powerful words that enhance trust in a blog post

Proven: An Evidence-Based Approach

Why should people trust the things you’re saying? If you’re capable of providing evidence, chances are that the trustworthiness of your blog will increase significantly.

Using the word “proven” in conjunction with an important statement can potentially increase trust in that statement. 

Today, internet users can access information from dozens of sources. One of the ways in which you can differentiate your blog is through the provision of solid evidence. If you’re using the word “proven,” you should make sure that the evidence follows the claim.

If you are presenting a strategy to increase sales, for example, your statement will sound much more potent if you say that you have a proven strategy. This means that the strategy has been tested out and that somebody has already managed to increase sales by relying on it.

Share a Secret

“Secret” is probably one of the most powerful words that you can use for the purpose of building trust.

The word secret makes people wonder. It shows them that you’re going to reveal information that they’re unfamiliar with. The unknown triggers curiosity. In addition, it builds your authority as an expert in the respective field.

One thing to remember is that if you promise to share a secret, you should definitely present little known or highly specialized information in your blog post. Otherwise, you will simply be click baiting your audience. The strategy may work one or two times but people will eventually become too disappointed to continue interacting with your blog.


If you’re looking for words that will help you write compelling blog titles, “imagine” should definitely be among the ones to try. The word can also be an excellent addition to an introduction because it helps you present a specific scenario, immersing the reader in the respective atmosphere.

The term can also be used in conjunction with positive affirmations. It shows people that they will be capable of accomplishing something, even if that something appears to be somewhat difficult in the beginning.

“Imagine” motivates readers to think outside the box and to recognize the fact that change is possible. It’s a powerful word you should be using sparingly, particularly in instances when you want to make a big impression.

The word takes people from where they are to where they would like to be in the future. It can easily transform everyday reality and build a completely new world. Getting a blog started with such a powerful statement is an excellent idea. It will help you reduce the bounce rate and potentially increase the number of loyal readers you have.

These are just a few suggestions but a powerful language should be a part of every single blog post that you write. Take some time to get rid of clutter and mediocre words that don’t have a whole lot of weight. If you choose your words carefully, chances are that you’ll gain sufficient control over the response of the audience. 

Alice Clarke is a marketing expert and a writer. She enjoys writing thorough texts about different strategies and approaches towards accomplishing one’s advertising goals. You can find her on Facebook or website.