For the third time in under a year, I’ve been shortlisted for a blogging award. 

In September, I won the award for best PR, Media, Marketing and Communications blog at the UK Blog Awards.

A couple of months ago, I found out I was shortlisted for best Entrepreneur/Business blog in the Northern Blog Awards.

And just recently, I found out I’ve been shortlisted for Blogging Guru in the #BloggersBlogAwards.

Honestly? I’m completely overwhelmed. I am so thankful to all of you for even nominating me in the first place, let alone supporting this blog. I was completely taken aback.

And I know a lot of people will say this. The thing is, I NEVER imagined this in a million years.

a branch of holly bloggers blog awards

In 2013, I started A Branch of Holly as a lifestyle blog. I was coming out of a dark place in my life and needed an outlet. Blogging was the answer.

In 2015 I rebranded to a blog all about blogging and productivity and I’ve never looked back. Then early last year I redefined my content strategy and everything changed. I was loving every minute I spent working on my online presence. And that showed in the growth of my community and stats.

I was worried, because as I made the transition to self-employment over the past few months (which I couldn’t tell you about at the time), I had to put the blog to one side. I had to focus on client work and promoting my business. Thankfully I still managed to post once a week.

And even though I feared everything would decrease, everything has actually stayed the same. Including my stats.

I’ve gained about 400 Twitter followers in the past three months and some Instagram followers (although not from any help from the algorithm!) My traffic from Pinterest is constantly high and my stats are pretty healthy too.

Now before I carry on - I’m not saying any of this to blow my own trumpet. Honestly I’m not. What I’m doing is trying to give you some context.

These blog awards aren’t just a popularity contest. They mean something and they mean something to people. It’s proof that the effort you’re putting into your blog is seriously worth.

It’s proof that the dream I’ve been working towards for nearly four years is paying off.

And let me tell you. It’s a good feeling.

Now I’ve got more time to spend working on my blog, I’m planning to put even more effort in. Eventually, I want to publish content five times a week. I want ABOH to be a hub for bloggers and business owners. I want you to have constant, valuable information and you can come and get that right here.

But I think the thing I’ve realised the most is that I’ve been trying my best and I’m still trying my best. That’s all anyone can ask for.

Winning the award last year was an incredible moment. And winning this one would be too. But I’m not expecting to win. And I won’t be sad if I lose. Because I know being nominated is enough. And my dream has come - I now run A Branch of Holly full-time.

So I’m going to end this post by asking you to go and vote in the 2017 #BloggersBlogAwards.

But go and vote for the bloggers that YOU want to win. Vote for the bloggers that inspire you. Vote for the bloggers that work hard and deserve it. 

And whether I win or lose, I’ll still be here, creating great content for you.


Forever working towards that breakthrough...