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Today’s talking point:

 Organic Marketing!

Welcome back guys! Just a quick reminder before we jump into organic marketing: if you need a rest, if you need a day here and there where you need a creative reset, please take that day. Burnout is real. I would have hit that point if I hadn't taken some time off, and it can absolutely happen to you if you are not being delicate about your time and your energy. 

Please take some time to bring energy back in so you can come back stronger, more passionate and more creative. And if you don't fill your own cup first, it's very difficult for you to help others. Now for the juicy par you've been waiting for: organic marketing,  


If Mark Zuckerberg was standing right in front of me right now, I would tell him: I don't like that I have to run ads on my business page to get the best engagement. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I have mastered organic marketing in the sense that it's been how I consistently reach 100,000 pageviews every single month on my blog. 

This is how I've truly grown my business over the last couple of years. I have not spent any money on ads. I truly did this organically (unpaid marketing) through a few different secrets and tactics that I'm going to share with you.

Okay, so let's dive into these tips and realise that all of this does take tests and trial. You have to figure out what is going to work for you.

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#1|  Sharing your story (& solution)

Your story is everything. It's everything. Your journey, that A to B transition, is worth so much. 

I've built a personal brand from me being vulnerable and that sounds so “woo-woo” and way too good to be true, but honestly that is the biggest tip. When you become a really good storyteller and you are finally allowing your audience to see who you are, that is when the connection starts, human to human sales. 

People in 2019 are craving human connection more than anything. This is why live video is crushing it, why podcasts are crushing it because you have the opportunity to be intimate with a human. The beauty of live video and podcasting is when you can clearly articulate your story and marry it with a solution, you have hit marketing bliss: connecting your story with your solution

To treat social media “like a diary” and hone in on connecting with your audience, you can ask yourself some questions & identify:

  • What is your story? 

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • What brought you to where you are today?

When you chip away at those questions, you’ll realise where you’re passions stem from and be able to marry your story with your solution. 

Once you’re in a position to say: “Hey, I actually know some of the top tips to heal from blank. I actually now know what it's like to go through blank and I want to help you with that to”, that makes you a powerful leader. 

Humans need to feel connection to purchase. If you have not already, read Why She Buys by Bridget Brennan. You can check that out on Amazon. It teaches you so much about the female brain and how we truly are emotional creatures and the best sales conversions for us are through the heart. 

So number one: what is your story and what is your solution? How can we marry and merge those two? These are the stories that you are going to recite and recycle on social media to really remind your audience who you are and why you do what you do. 

#2 | Direct Messaging 

Number two is direct messaging and no, this isn't sliding into people's DMs. It's clear messaging where you're speaking to one person. This is you, making sure that your message is very niche and your message is really something that one person could read and say, “oh my God, how did she know I was dealing with that?”

When I was in the beginning stages of building my personal brand, I was creating a lot of content. It was interesting to assess what type of content really landed  and what type of content was just okay. Speak your truth, speak your mind, in a way where you always respectfully support the other side. Speak what you want to say. 

When you're not running ads, organic growth comes from sharing your content, your content being so good and so helpful that Susie wants to share it with her best friend. 

In my podcast episodes, I follow a Q & A format. Whenever I record an episode, I always speak to the person who asked the question -I have one ideal client in mind before I press record. If I think about all the other people, not only does it become overwhelming, but then I forget who this messaging is really for. 

If you create content that everyone's going to like, you're not going to get those few people who love it. You create a loyal tribe of people who are obsessed with you and your work when you are polarising. 

#3| Live Video

Number three is live video. I can’t say enough about live video and how much it's truly changed my life and my business. It's been one of the most fulfilling things to do, because it's allowed me to connect with my audience on a really deep level.

It's allowed sales to be so easy for me that I never feel like I'm actually selling (because I'm really not). I'm just showing up, sharing my story and being my authentic self, there's no filter, there's no editing. 

So just giving you an idea, it's showing you the possibility and it's hopefully inspiring you to get yourself on live video. We go deep into this in the Busy to Boss Method - if you are not inside yet, I am adding some new trainings that are going to make you a boss at live video.

If you want people to purchase from you, get them to trust you first. Without showing up for your audience, how are they supposed to know you, or to trust you? Give your best passion to your audience, which they deserve. Solve problems, give value, give unmatched value. Live video is the fastest way to do that and that is way better than just running ads. 

#4 | Affiliate Marketing

This can be a really powerful way to sell and can be really authentic and genuine to do affiliate marketing. So you can give a referral incentive (Aka money) to people who will help you sell your courses or products for you. This is how you can work around not having to run ads. 

As a business owner, you can't think about it as, “oh, I'm losing money because so&so is getting a chunk of that sale” because that was money that was going to be spent on ads. As a marketer, I'd actually rather do heavier affiliate marketing and “lose money”  because it's an actual guaranteed sale. Whereas, if I just pump money into Facebook ads, I don't necessarily know if that is a guaranteed sale.

#5 | Collaborations

Collaborations are huge. Whether this is you getting on a podcast, doing split screen live videos with all the bloggers and business owners, bringing people into your Insta stories, this is everything in the online space.

Sharing each other's audiences and really helping each other is so important. Utilise each of their networks like hell and collaborate because you never know who could help you and vice versa. If you know someone in the online space, who has a fantastic audience that aligns with yours, and you can bring a value to that person, it's time to pitch them. It's time to reach out. It can't hurt. If you don't ask, you don't get, and you might as well see if there's a collaboration opportunity.

#6 | Giveaways

Now giveaways can be annoying as hell if you're doing them every day and you're giving stuff away Monday through Friday. This is intended to be used strategically: a few times a month or a few times a year, where you are giving people an incentive, a free gift. Get creative, anything can be a giveaway. Maybe you're partnering with an amazing health and wellness company and they sent you a load of amazing products that you can give away. 

To use giveaways to their full extent:

  • Ask your audience to tag 2 or 3 friends in that post 

  • Give them some sort of incentive to join your email list or your newsletter

Get on live video, make fantastic graphics for it and incorporate collaboration with giveaways. Get creative. 

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