Want to learn more about mindset growth to achieve business success? In this post, I’ll share with you three ways to enhance your mindset growth to reach your goals, including mindset growth ideas and mindset growth activities. Repin and grab my free 168-hour calendar template so you can start making the most of your time! #mindsetgrowth #mindset #entrepreneur

I absolutely LOVE talking about mindset growth. You can have all the strategy, tactics, and tools in the world. But if you don’t have the right mindset, you are going to struggle BIG time to reach your business success goals.

In this blog post, I go over 3 essential ways to enhance your mindset growth so you can achieve business success and reach your goals.

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Mindset Growth Hack #1 | Realise that YOU ARE ENOUGH

Spoiler alert - you ARE enough and imposter syndrome is just your limiting beliefs showing up.

This is a topic I will talk about with my clients forever. Whenever you reach a new level of success in your business or do something new in general, you WILL face imposter syndrome. (Unless you’re magical!)

I have an entire blog post where I go in depth on how to overcome anxiety with your online presence, so that when these moments strike, you have the tools to get past it quicker. Read the full blog post here.

One of the biggest ways we need to enhance our mindset growth as business owners it to realise we are enough - just the way we are. It’s SO easy to look at other successful entrepreneurs and start comparing yourself in every area. Remember, most entrepreneurs are likely:

  • Only sharing their highlight reel (unless they are amazing people and share the bad stuff too, or

  • Have been doing this for A LOT longer than you.

I pay attention to a lot of the very successful entrepreneurs out there (Gary Vee, Lewis Howes etc.), and every single one of them says to put your blinders on.

Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing. If you find someone in particular making you feel low (even if you like them and they’re providing value), unfollow them or “mute” them on Instagram.  It’s not worth it to see what they’re doing if seeing their success is making you paralysed and feeling like you’re not enough.

There might be a point where you can look at their success and get inspired, but until that moment happens, don’t pay attention to them. And if I’m one of those peeps for you, I take NO offence. I want you to do your best and if that means unfollowing me or anything you might look up to, so be it.

Put your blinders on.

When it comes to growth mindset exercises, this could be an entire one on its own. But to go along with “you are enough”, remember you are also “worth it”. You are worth the success you’re going to have. You are worth gaining customers that you love to serve. And most important of all, you are worth INVESTING in yourself and your business.

Trust me, if you invest in yourself, whether it’s going to a personal development event or if it’s in a programme or a coach, you will LEVEL UP your online presence, your business, and your life. Honestly. EVERY SINGLE investment I’ve made has been though through and it’s been worth it. Even if some of them didn’t turn out to be exactly what I thought it would be, I did gain some insight in some way in each investment that made me better off because of it.

In the Busy To Boss Method, we’ll go over ALL of the market research tools I give my private clients so you can get INSANELY clear on exactly WHAT your ideal client wants, needs and would pay for...and how they say it! You’ll also get the questions and invite scrips to make these happen seamlessly. You can apply to join the Busy To Boss Method here.

I also want to recommend a Money Mindset book that is definitely worth reading for any new (or seasoned business owner!) It’s Jen Sincero’s, You Are a Badass at Making Money. You can get it here.

Mindset Growth Hack #2 | Failures are learning experiences - and that’s it

Want to learn more about mindset growth to achieve business success? In this post, I’ll share with you three ways to enhance your mindset growth to reach your goals, including mindset growth ideas and mindset growth activities. Repin and grab my free 168-hour calendar template so you can start making the most of your time! #mindsetgrowth #mindset #entrepreneur

How have the most successful business owners created a life for themselves through their business? Warning: it’s not a sexy answer…


You could have the best strategy in the world, do everything the “right way” and still have launches that fall short of what you wanted or predicted. Or people might say no to your products or services, even when you thought they were a perfect fit. It’s going to happen.

And the only way to reach that figure of success and go beyond that is by failing A LOT. Again, like I said in point 1, so many business owners don’t share their failures. They only share what has gone well. This is one of those growth mindset characteristics that is really useful to develop.

Here are a few failures I’ve had:

  • Barely increased my income AT ALL in the first 6 months of my business.

  • Had my income cut in HALF after I lost two of my biggest social media management clients.

  • Launched my coaching to CRICKETS the first time I started talking about it online (because I had NO clarity on what I was offering and who my ideal client was).

The list goes on. But each one taught me something and I became stronger because of it. I learnt what to do and what not to do after each of these experiences.

So I tweaked, pivoted, and had a better go of it the second time around.

Now I know what money-making activities to focus on in my business, I’m winning. My podcast is set to hit 10,000 downloads within its first year of being live. But that wasn’t my first launch. I had done something similar before with less than stellar results.

So...I learned what to do and not to do. But even then, like I said above, there will always be times when things don’t turn out the way you hoped because of unforeseen circumstances.

This is where one of the growth mindset activities comes in. You want to view each perceived “failure” as a true learning experience and really look at it as a detective:

  • What worked well

  • What didn’t

  • What do we have to tweak for next time?

This way, you will go into each launch and your mindset growth will be WAY more confident and powerful. You also won’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, knowing that failure is an essential step to success.

Mindset Growth Hack #3 | If there’s one secret, it’s TIME + CONSISTENCY

This goes hand in hand with mindset growth hack #2, but telling yourself over and over again that as long as you stick with it long enough you will have success, is crucial.

The real secret?


Not that sexy, is it?

But truly, one of the things I tell every single 1:1 client that works with me is that “the secret to success is doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY.” 

Here’s an example of what some of your business tasks should include:

  • Liking and commenting on people’s Instagram account

  • DM’ing 10+ people a day to build relationships

  • Writing content daily

  • Doing market research

If your tasks include the ones on this list, you WILL have success if you do these things DAILY. But when you do it for a week or two and expect the heavens to open up for you, that’s what people often mistake for “consistency”. Doing these things everyday for months and then years? THAT’S consistency, Boss.

And if you think about it, if you get your head down, do these things consistently for a YEAR and can build the business and life of your dreams because of it..wouldn’t you think it was worth it? When you consider what a year of your life is like? It’s ONE YEAR.

Here are a couple of tips to make yourself consistent:

  • Right now, write down a list of tasks you know you need to do daily and weekly in your business to have success.

  • Schedule these tasks into your calendar. LITERALLY put then in your calendar with the specific task you’re going to do so when you sit down to work, you know exactly what you’re going to do.

  • Hire a coach or join a group coaching programme. If you can’t invest in yourself right now, at least join a free business owners group (my Busy To Boss one is pretty great - you can join here), and get an accountability partner in that group. Accountability is crucial when it comes to making hard and long-term changes in your life.

If you start applying these 3 mindset growth shifts now, you are setting yourself up to be one of these entrepreneurial success stories and create the business you’ve always dreamed of.


I want to hear from you! Do you struggle with staying focused in your business and feel like you’re holding yourself back? Which one of these mindset growth tips will you implement first?

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