Want to know my 3 biggest pieces of business advice for growing your Instagram, blog, Pinterest & online presence in general? In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you some of my advice for entrepreneurship along with some ideas for marketing, making money and using social media. Repin and grab my free Boss Traffic Flow Checklist to grow your niche and generate more readers and subscribers organically! #entrepreneurship #marketing #socialmedia

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Today’s talking point:

What are the top 3 pieces of advice that you would give to someone who is trying to grow their Instagram, blog, Pinterest & online presence in general?

I'm going to keep dropping those nuggets of wisdom. My vision is to help you feel really confident with your online presence and your business. Today we will go over three quick online marketing tips you need to remember if you're starting a business, if you're a new entrepreneur or if you feel like your business is ready to up level. This is everything. So take some quick notes and I hope you guys love it. 

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When you own a business and you own a personal brand (regardless of what industry you're in), you have to constantly be going through these three steps. 

  • Number one: focusing on your brand, not your products. 

  • Number two: putting yourself in your customer's brain at all times to create products, content and services. 

  • Number three : constantly having to risk good, to get to great.

#1| Focus on Your Brand

So number one, focus on your brand, not your products or services. Your brand is infinite. This is the difference between qualitative and quantitative. What do I mean by that?

  • Your products and services are more quantitative, which means they directly make you more money. They may make you fast cash.

  • You can consistently reinvent yourself while your brand remains the same - that’s qualitative. 

I'm constantly solving new problems and I'm constantly sharing new expertise, because the only thing that's being consistent is my brand.

The most valuable thing you own is your brand and your message... And that's the electric thing about you. It’s why companies’ branding and messaging is always the same, even if they're constantly reinventing themselves and adding new products to their line. Nike can come out with a new jacket, a new series of this, a new product line of that, but if their messaging and logo and their core beliefs are not changing, then they're going to always be around. We fall in love with the brand and the message and the story. We don't really fall in love with the product. When you have a personal brand and you have that following, you can sell anything. 

I care more about your brand than I care about how many ebooks you sold this month because that's short lived and it's fun because it's money. But the quality of an efficient business, the focus should always be on sustainability in your business because you never know what's going to happen if it rains, if it storms, if it thunders. You want to be able to stay strong like a tree in the storm.

The roots are really your messaging, your story. All of those things are never going to change and they're rooted in you and the products might change. The leaves might fall off. New Leaf colours may come in, but you are who you are. You’re grounded in your message. You're grounded in your story and no one can take that away from you. It's the most valuable thing you own. 

#2 | Focus on the Customer

 Jump inside the customer's brain. If I can give you my most valuable piece of advice right now that will get more people in your community than you can ever imagine, it's this:

Solve problems. I know: “wait, that's it?!”

The more problems you solve, the better off you're going to be. You are a problem solver, not a business owner (well, technically you are). Start to position your life, your business and your online presence in a way that says:

  • How can I wake up and help people today? 

  • How can I solve more problems? 

  • How can I speak to my ideal client a little bit more? 

  • How can I jump inside my customer's brain and know exactly what it is they're dealing with right now? 

  • How can I solve one specific problem? 

People buy what they need, not what you sell. People buy solutions to their problems, not products. 

The most important part of your business, hands down at the end of the day is your customer. I care about my customer, my tribe, my people, my listeners. 

So many people can struggle with sales because they think about what they want to do, rather than asking: What is my customer really craving? If you have a solution, you've got a business; if you don't have a solution, you might not have a business yet. Business and entrepreneurship is about creating solutions. The greatest entrepreneurs found a problem in the market and they solved it, the greatest entrepreneurs found a hole in the market and they solved it. 

Prioritise your customers, prioritise their needs, jump inside of their brain, figure out the pain points, know their pleasure points, know what they're dealing with & know what it is you're solving. 

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#3| Take Risks

Be willing to risk what's good for the company, for what's great for the company. I really think that risk is where a lot of businesses and personal brands get stuck, because they're too nervous to take the risk to get to the next level. 

When I started my online business, I was a blogger, I transitioned into social media management and it seemed like I was always at the same level. I was getting the same number of page views, my followers and engagement were stagnant and I was just stuck there and I was terrified to invest. I was terrified to grow. I just sat in fear because I felt like I was doing good, so I thought, why would I risk this for something great? 

You're going to be risking something and sometimes we have to risk good, to get to great. You can't expect to get to great, or get to the next level, without risking something. You cannot expect to get to an amazing, phenomenal, sustainable business without losing trust in someone, losing money, going through some stuff, taking some risks, putting stuff out there that fails, sharing your story. 

A lot of times we stay in something because it's good, it's good, it's comfortable, it feels good. We do so many things in life because it's comfortable. We stay in relationships because they're comfortable. We stay in marriages because they're comfortable. Instead of asking ourselves, what can we risk that would actually propel us to great. 

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