April - A Month In Review

Hey friends. So I'm changing the usual Seven for Sunday post today because it's time for the monthly review. Last time I did one of these we had a four-day weekend and now we're in the middle of a three-day one - I hope it feels as great for you as it does for me! Apart from the fact that the weather has been a washout. Thanks Spring.

In my last Month in Review post, I said that things have calmed down a bit and that's true in some ways. I'm not travelling around as much with my job anymore, but this is still one of our busiest periods. We've got events to organise, content to write and refreshed marketing materials to make for when the new academic year starts in September.

I have to say as well, that this has been the month I've enjoyed most for my blog in 2016. I've enjoyed all the content that's been published and I've loved creating stronger relationships with you, especially in the form of guest posts. I've got a schedule to fill up in June and August and it's been great hearing some of your ideas. But what's even more astonishing to me is that you actually want to contribute. It sounds silly, but the fact you want to write a guest post for ABOH fills me with such delight! Watch this space, because there's some great content coming your way.

I've also stepped up my game this month. I've started taking freelance writing more seriously with applying for opportunities and creating a page on my site. And I've also come up with a really exciting idea for the Blogging Breakthrough community which I can't wait to share with you all.

But enough about work - that's not what this post is about! April has been a very positive month, so here's a look at everything that happened.

top 5 highlights of march

#1 | Having some yummy meals out with the family, including an Indian and an Italian.

#2 | Enjoying a blissful week off where I also managed to catch the sun.

#3 | Finally getting round to sorting out my bedroom and making it flow a little more - including my office space!

#4 | Celebrating my Dad's and the bunnies birthdays.

#5 | The feeling of people wanting to write guest posts for the blog.

Blogging Achievements

1. I'd say I'd stop going on about this soon but I won't ;) - I realised in a brief moment of panic that there was no way I'd be able to maintain my blogging routine when I had two holidays coming up this summer. So instead of letting things go a bit quiet, I decided to reach out for guest posters. I definitely wasn't expecting the volume of people I got wanting to write one! There are some fantastic ideas already and I can't wait to introduce you to some of the brilliant members of the ABOH community.

I've still got some slots available, so if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll pop you an email.

2. This has been the highest traffic month in this history of ABOH. Everything has increased. It was only the other day when I was talking in an online community, saying that I felt I was putting in so much work but not seeing the reward - I'm not going to jinx anything but April is making me feel a whole lot better. My content is being shared more, commented on more and generally loved more. So thank you, and I hope I can continue to create great things for you!

3. Something I've become really proud of as a blogger is my imagery. I said in a post I wrote earlier this month that photography has always been the part of blogging I've struggled the most with. That's still true, but recently I've been finding my own way even more. It especially helps that I'm not doing it on my own. Having Tom as my official snapper and all-round helper makes a huge difference. He gives me styling tips and knows how to take the perfect shot. It's pretty cool working in a little team together.

4. And following on from last month's achievement, the fourth one would have to be launching the "How I Got To Where I Want To Be" Career series. Again, this was something I reached out about, and I've got an interviewee booked in right up until the end of the year! So far it's been really inspiring and I'm glad your feedback has been as positive as I feel about it. 

april In Numbers

3: Meals out I've had this month.

2: Birthdays we celebrated.

3: Beautiful days sat out in the sunshine.

30: Blog posts published on ABOH.

1: Pair of Nike trainers purchased.

800+: Tweets tweeted!

72 (ish): Images uploaded to Instagram.

18: Workouts I did this month.

In April I discovered:

  • Snapchat - It sounds silly I know, but it's only this month that I've really started using it properly and I love it. You can find me at...abranchofholly of course!
  • My DIY website skills - hello new homepage!
  • Spreadsheets - How have I not used these to help me keep track of my finances before?!
  • Egg, tomatoes & toast - it's my go-to weekend breakfast right now.


And there we have another month in review. I really hope you enjoyed it – see you in May for the next one when it'll almost be time for the guest posts to start! Have a great month.


Let's chat in the comments - what have been some of the highlights of your month?

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