Your Inspirational Reminder #3

Happy Saturday everyone! It's a long weekend and that means another slice of inspiration to treat yourself to. This week's little reminder is something I've been thinking a lot this week in regards to my life, as I finally started calling myself a freelance writer.

I've always been a person that's wanted more for myself. I'm not a settler or a coaster. My parents brought me up to work hard and go after what I wanted. Someone said to me the other day that we shouldn't say to people, "you can be anything you want", because sometimes they just won't get to where they want to be. But I disagree. I don't think that's good advice. Because if you don't try to get somewhere, then really, what's the point? 

Recently, I've had chance to reflect on my journey so far and I realised something - while I always want to aim for more, I'm scared of the process. I'm scared to be brave. Everyone seems to want so much for themselves and we're part of a generation that won't stop until we get to where we want to be. And everyone who steps up their ideas of what they want and prepare themselves to take the next step and make that thing happen, increases the feeling of being scared even more. 

Rather than just reaching one goal and being satisfied with that, they move onto the next one. Instead of taking once slice, they're eating the entire pizza. Oh, and taking a beautiful picture for Instagram while they're at it.

But then I had a shift. Instead of thinking that there are too many people out there and it's overwhelming - why not embrace their attitude? Why not be as proactive as them? Why not be as ambitious as them? Why not aim even higher?

Because all of this we talk about that surrounds getting to where you want to be starts with you actually believing you can get there. 

This feeling and this mindset has started to manifest in me, too. It gets me excited for what I might be able to do, what I might be able to achieve, what I might learn and what amazing things might come of it.

It's this excitement that I wanted to pass onto you today in this reminder. And that comes in the form of bravery. I want to inspire you to be brave.

What I mean by that is, it's important to remember that just because someone is further on in their journey to you, or you perceive somebody to be better than you, doesn't mean you shouldn't go for what you really want. It also doesn't mean that you don't deserve to either.

Why stop at an idea? Why stop at a hurdle? How do we get better unless we practice our craft and keep trying a bit harder? Why not dream a bit bigger?

This is the mindset I'm in now I've started to call myself a freelancer writer. It's scary. I'm putting myself out there, I'm applying for gigs and making connections. But that means it's also very real. I don't want to settle. I want to dream big. I want to push boundaries. I want to get past the fear of the unknown and I don't want myself to hold me back.

You get further through bravery. So why not give it a go?

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Leave a comment and let me know - how are you going to use the reminder this week? Here's to being inspired. And make sure to use the #YourInspirationalReminder hashtag on Instagram to document your journey.

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