The Magazine List #1

The Magazine List #1

One of my most popular posts on ABOH this month has been "Some of the best magazines worth subscribing to." The fact that you, my readers, response was so enthusiastic (combined with my unconditional love with all things to do with magazines), I thought to myself, there has to be something more I can do with this.

Which brings us onto this - The Magazine List. A monthly series where I'll review the best magazines and why they were so great. They'll be full of reading recommendations for you and if you love them like I do, then it's something else we get to share in common together. 

So for this month's instalment, there are four in particular that I want to talk to you about. Oh and P.S - I've also thought of another rather brilliant way to bring magazines more to this blog, so if you're intrigued, watch this space!

Blogosphere Issue 8

I really wanted to include this issue of Blogosphere, because it's the first one I've ever read. To give you a quick overview of the brand itself, this is a magazine written by bloggers for bloggers and the social media community. So of course, it's become really popular. Here are my top picks for you:

  • Best Feature: Why I'm Not a Professional Blogger & That's Okay - It can sometimes be overwhelming in the blogging community when the general view is that everyone wants to blog as a full-time job. So to find an article in a blogging magazine about keeping it as a hobby is really refreshing to see. The writer explains how a lot of people thought they'd started blogging in the first place because it was a sure-fire way to get them a job - but it just doesn't work that way. This is a great read to make you remember why you started your blog in the first place.

    Inspirational quote for you: "I wrote just for the heck of it."

Buy the issue here.

Women's Health May 2016

This is a new magazine that I started getting regularly at the start of this year. If this is your first time reading it, prepare to become addicted! What's brilliant about Women's Health is the sheer volume of information they give you in less than 150 pages. It's incredible. Nutrition, weight loss, sex, beauty, health, self-care - they're not just about exercise. They're about the overall wellbeing of women.

This issue revolves mainly around Cameron Diaz, and the fact that we should all embrace who we are. That theme runs throughout this issue, and here are my top picks for you:

  • Best Health Fact - You know the packs of spiralised courgette that you can buy? Well guess what. It's actually not as good for you in terms of nutrition. They can actually use between 10 to 30% of their Vitamin C content. If you've got your own equipment to do it DIY, they say to drizzle lemon juice on it. Top tip!
  • Best Workout - What's different about Women's Health is that all their tips are actionable and they include full page workout programmes. "Fight Club" on page 42 is all about kicks - burpee kicks, lunge kicks - you name it, they cover it. Plus it burns 200 calories in just 15 minutes.
  • Best Recipe: Health Pizzas -  Light toppings and gluten free base - what could be better? There are ten healthy homemade pizza options to choose from. I've starred the Keep-Me-Tiny Tempah!
  • Best Tip - "When sweets were removed from on top of the work desk to a drawer, people ate 74 fewer calories every day. That's the equivalent of not gaining 5lb or 6lb over a year.
  • Best Feature: Build a Healthy Home - Believe it or not, health starts right in the comfort of your home. This feature on the healthy plants to add to your surroundings is a real eye opener, and an easy way to brighten up your whole environment.

    Inspirational quote for you: "Getting to know yourself on the cellular level is so empowering."

Elle May 2016

The cover star of Elle this month? Beyoncé. She's the fact of the "Strong Women" issue. Need I say more? 

  • Best Fashion Feature: How To Be A Woman - As women, I think it's really important that we embrace our femininity. This features talks about how feminine fashion is finally being recognised as a signifier of strength - and gives you some great wardrobe tips too.
  • Best Feature: Focus, Power Belief; What It Takes To Win - To be an athlete you need a few things. One being a strong body. But more than that, you actually need a strong mindset. After writing many posts about our mindset over the past few months, this really struck a chord with me and I think it's a must-read for all of you too.
  • Best Self-Care Feature: Hot Right Meow - Have you met my kitty, Maisy? She's all over my Instagram feed. And she makes me happy. This feature analyses (in a brilliant way) why cats are taking over your Instagram feed, and why they give us so much joy.

    Inspirational quote for you: "Ability is something you earn, like trust. Experience gives you the confidence and confidence gives you the passport to succeed.

Cosmopolitan May 2016

Cosmo is a good all-rounder. It's got everything and appeals to everyone. I know this has been a really popular issue because of Little Mix being on the cover. Here are some of my other top picks:

  • Best In-The-Know Feature: Let's Stop The Hating - Jameela's column is always one of my favourite's to read and this month is no different. There's a lot of competition in the blogging world that most of you will face on a daily basis. Jameela talks about how we need to stop treading on each other to get ahead and she's spot on.
  • Best Career Feature: Get Your Grit Together - There are loads of tips out there about how to get ahead at work, but grit is one of the things that will help you get there faster. This article interviews nine women who've fought their way to the top and kept their grit along the way.

    Inspirational quote for you: "There'll always be obstacles when you're trying to reach your goals."

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting it together! And keep an eye on my social channels to find out my other surprise...


Let's chat in the comments - have you read any of these magazines this month? What have been some of your favourite articles?

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