March - A Month in Review

Hey friends. First of all, let me start off by saying that I hope you had a wonderful long Easter weekend. I was so excited to have four days off, but it still felt like Tuesday rolled around too quickly!

In my last Month in Review post, I said that February had been quite a whirlwind. Thankfully, March hasn't been so manic. I’ve finished my evening work for my job now until September which is really making a difference, and now that the clocks have gone forward it’s making the days a lot longer which I love.

I’ve also not been feeling as overwhelmed this month and I know that’s because I’ve had less work on my plate. I don’t have any public speaking gigs coming up and my freelance work is slow too – although I am in the process of creating a freelance services page so watch this space.

For some reason (and without getting too deep and meaningful), I’ve been thinking a lot about my future this month. Tom and I have been playing house for the past week while his mum and dad have been away. And whilst I love getting to see what it’s going to be like living with him permanently, I’ve also found myself missing home a lot. It’s a weird feeling being torn between different emotions, but I guess eventually it’s something we’ll all have to get used to!

The most important lesson I’ve learnt this month is that family comes before anything. Over Easter, I took a complete break from the digital world to spend time with the people that mean the most to me, and it’s done me the world of good. So now let’s have a look at what happened in March.

Top 5 Highlights of March

#1 | Having a blissful four day weekend celebrating Easter with the fam.

#2 | Playing house with Tom, trying out new recipes and baking some delicious treats.

#3 | Going for a long walk around the country.

#4 | My brother turning 22 and coming home from university for Easter.

#5 | Mum and Dad helping me rearrange my bedroom and creating a dedicated office space!


Blogging Achievements

#1 | More and more people are downloading the #BloggingBreakthrough challenge and it’s an amazing thing to see. I’m watching my subscribers increase week by week and it’s such a good feeling. Releasing this free eBook has brought nothing but positivity to ABOH and the feedback I’ve had has been fantastic too. I’m creating things behind the scenes to try and get it out there in front of even more people so we’ll see what happens next month.

#2 | I wrote a post last week that really connected with a lot of you – so much so that I’ve never had as many comments on one single post! It was all about how I’m feeling about blogging at the moment and what I want to bring back to it. Your words were so encouraging and they've inspired me even more to stand on my own two feet and feel confident in my blogging journey.

#3 | I’ve managed to keep up my schedule of posting seven times a week and I’m absolutely loving it. At first it was really tough and I’d be lying if I said I hadn't thought about cutting it down. But now I definitely won’t change my mind. I love putting up content everyday on this space for you and so far, I’ve only seen positive results. It’s been very interesting comparing my traffic to this time last year that’s for sure!

#4 | My final blogging achievement is one I can’t tell you much about yet. I’ve come up with an idea for a brand new, permanent series on ABOH that I can’t wait to get going with. It’s going to be part of the Career category, featuring some fantastic people who've been on quite a journey and there’ll be loads of actionable tips for you to take away. If you want to know more, make sure tune in tomorrow for the first part!


March in Numbers

5: New recipes I’ve tried this month, including a lot of pasta and some yummy Easter cupcakes.

27: Posts published on

14: Workouts I did this month.

1: Engagement party I attended.

73 (ish): Images uploaded to Instagram.

5: Magazines purchased.

600+: Tweets tweeted!


In February I discovered:

  • How to make a homemade healthy cheese pasta sauce and oh my goodness – I want it every day.
  • #TheGramGang community on Instagram – the photo prompts are always encouraging my creativity and the people that take part are fantastic.
  • Instagram analytics – the best I’ve ever come across. Their optimal timing tool is one you definitely need.
  • The 30 Day Shred It’s a workout I’ve done before but stopped for a while. It’s been great getting back into it!


And there we have another month in review. I really hope you enjoyed it – see you in April for the next one and all the best on your journey for this next month.


Let's chat in the comments - what have been some of the highlights of your month?

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