Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

I'm writing this from the comfort of Tom's sofa, in a nice, quiet room with the four day Easter weekend ahead of me. Bliss.

I may or may not have had extra super-early nights this week just so I could be ready for it. I'm taking like 9:30pm early. And yep, I'm nearly 25. 

Although it's 8:30pm right now and my eyes are getting heavy, but we'll just brush over that.

This week has been made a lot better knowing the Easter weekend was ahead - but it's also been extra busy because 1 - my manager has been off sick all week, and 2 - I've had to squeeze my normal five days worth of work into four.

But safe to say I blasted through and ticked everything off my list which my oh my, felt good. I also had my last dose of evening work this week until September - another reason to celebrate!

So without any more chitter chatter, I'm going to go right ahead and get into this week's Seven for Sunday. Oh - and Happy Easter :)

#1 | My Ring

I've been wearing this ring for over a year and today, I wanted to share the story of it with you.

So I've always wanted a special ring - not necessarily from a boy, but from someone. I didn't know what sort of ring I wanted. I just knew I wanted one that meant something.

It was Christmas 2014. Tom and I were unwrapping presents. I got down to my last one from him. It was a decent sized box. I opened it up and to my complete surprise, there was another, much smaller box resting at the top.

I remember him smiling and saying in a goofy voice: "What's that?!"

I carefully unwrapped it to find a small black box. What was inside? This beautiful ring. 

To you, it might just be a ring. But to me, looking at it from a different perspective, it always means so much more.

Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

#2 | Lighter make-up

The beauty section in most magazines all have one thing in common right now: they're talking about Spring and Summer.

And I for one, LOVE getting ready for warmer weather make-up. Brighter lips, less liner, fresher skin - that's my favourite look.

I've always been lucky with my skin, and since looking after it so much for a young age, I can definitely go foundation free in summer and switch to tinted moisturiser. The only thing I suffer from is oily skin - it's hard to find a balance between the dewy summer goddess look and the "have you just been at the gym?" look.

Plus with my lighter hair, it's definitely getting me ready for the new season. Now we just need the weather to think the same.

Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

#3 | Everyday jewellery

I know this is the second jewellery-related point in this week's Seven for Sunday but we'll just go with it.

These are the items I wear every single day and I guess I just wanted to give a little shout out to them.

But what's even better are the stories behind them. None of these pieces were just "bought". They were chosen with careful thought, reason and enjoyment. I know that sounds cryptic. If you want to know more, I explained everything in this photo on Instagram.

Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

#4 | Bedroom switch up

Lately I've felt like my bedroom just didn't flow, so last weekend, my mum and I completely switched it around.

It's still a work in progress, but basically my desk used to be underneath the window and my bed used to be on the complete opposite side of the room along with the white bookcase.

Now I've switched things around, I feel like it flows so much better. I've got a dedicated area to work and once I've sorted all the files out in the bookcase, I'll have everything at easy access. Now I'm actually really looking forward to working in my room a lot more - especially once the sun starts shining more.

Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

#5 | Maisy photobombing

In every single photo I take, you can expect that Maisy will try to get in there somehow.

This was taken the other morning when I was trying to put a pretty little flat lay together that obviously didn't go to plan, because hello kitty.

She is a cutie though - and then proceeded to sleep on my bed for the rest of the day. 


#6 | Being creative

When I was younger, I never saw myself as creative. I wasn't artistic. I wasn't good at art or anything like that, so I just thought I'd never go down the creative route. Now though, I'd say differently.

Last week my bullet journal was in the Seven for Sunday round-up - this week it's been decorating all the pages that's been so much fun. I've become addicted. When I get home from work, I can't wait to get stuck into it! Just a few more days to get all the pages sorted so I can put it into action when April starts.

Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

#7 | Easter baking

I really struggled finding an Easter recipe this year. Nothing stood out to me, nothing made me think "wow I HAVE to make this!" - until I made these Easter nests.

Let me tell you. Not only are these super easy to make, they also include a load of chocolate and taste incredible. Me and Tom were totally licking the bowl clean while these babies were cooking in the oven. I can't wait to share them with my family today as an Easter gift, decorated with colourful tissue paper and these cute chicks!

Seven for Sunday: 27th March 2016

So there you have another Seven for Sunday! Now I'm off home to share gifts, go on a walk an have a massive Sunday lunch. Have a fabulous Easter everyone!


Let's chat in the comments - what have been some of the highlights of your week? Anything new with you?

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