Why You Should Never Blog Alone

Why You Should Never Blog Alone

You get really excited about your blog. You’ve got ideas flowing around your head all the time. But when it comes to actually choosing one, you keep changing your mind. Why is that? Well I know, and I’m going to tell you.

I’ve got seven things for you today, friend. Seven reasons, actually, how to take away your fear. The fear of no comments, no interaction and no one listening. 

Blogging by yourself is exhausting, not just with all the work you have to do, but mentally too. If you try to do everything by yourself, you’ll never see as much growth as you want. Lately, I’ve seen some negativity in our community and this week, I know I’m not the only one who’s felt overwhelmed. 

The biggest thing I’ve found to help me along my blogging journey hasn't come from a tip, a tool or a piece of information. It’s come through the support of other people. So if you’re in this blogging thing alone, this is a reminder that you don’t have to be. Here are seven big reasons why.

#1 You Learn More

We’ll never know everything there is to know. And it’s actually better that way - would you want to be in a place where you couldn’t learn anything else? I definitely wouldn’t. That’s the beauty of the blogging world. Part of the reason you have a blog is because you’re sharing what you know, whether that’s beauty products, interiors inspiration or social media tips. You have some sort of knowledge to share these things - and other bloggers have knowledge on completely different topics.

Asking for help from other people always allows you to learn more. A great advocate for this is Twitter chats. I can guarantee that I’ll learn something new from every Twitter chat I join that I can try out. I’ve even given advice to fellow bloggers and their reaction has been “I never knew that.” So just think - you might look at someone and wish you knew what they knew. But there’ll be plenty of other people looking at you that way too.

A great saying I learnt is “if you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always got.” Your blog develops as you develop and there’s always so much room for growth.

#2 You Create Relationships

The first interaction between anything is the start of a relationship, whether it’s active or passive. When someone hits the follow button on your blog, they’re entering into a passive relationship because they want to see your content. If someone hits follow on your Twitter profile that could be the start of you both actively interacting together every single day.

The more you reach out and get involved, the more relationships you create. It’s not down to you alone to promote your blog and what you do. Part of that comes down to your readers, and the people in your community who are there to shout about you to others. This comes down to forming relationships and you can’t do that when you’re hiding behind the internet and not getting involved.

#3 It's Better to Have Eyes on the Outside

I read a few small business blogs and the owners always say that you should be able to see outside your business. You shouldn’t be in it all the time and you should be able to separate yourself from it. Because the deeper you fall within your blog, the less you’ll be able to see outside it. And you need to have that vision.

If you want to introduce a new topic to your blog, or you’ve got a new idea but you’re not sure whether to go ahead with it or not, ask someone. They’re the eyes you need. Yes, you know what’s best for your blog. But sometimes you might not be able to see the whole picture. Instead of making the decision alone, why not ask someone you trust? I always run my ideas by my mum and Tom. I’m glad I do too - or else the Blogging Breakthrough challenge and community might not have happened. It was their vision that made it come to life.

#4 You Won’t Miss Anything

Two pairs of eyes are better than one and three are better than two. Whatever you’re doing with your blog, it’s always better to get someone else to look at it. Remember, you work on this thing day in day out. You live and breathe it. There are things outside eyes might spot that you may never have noticed.

When I was launching the #BloggingBreakthrough eBook, I asked Tom to proof read it for me. He noticed some mistakes that I never would’ve spotted because I was working on it for so long. Whether you’re getting a new design or writing content for a new page on your site, take a beat and ask someone else to check over it. Trust me, you’ll be glad for it.

#5 You Might Get an Idea You Never Thought Of

When it comes to your blog, I think it can be easy to slip into autopilot and do the same things day in day out. It can get hard to push ourselves and sometimes we get so used to what we’re doing that we don’t want to change anything.

When you’re stuck in a rut or you’ve got bloggers block, I implore you to talk it out. Whether it’s with your mum, your best friend or people in your online community - if you ask a question, someone will always reach out to answer it.

#6 It’s Self-Care

This tip was going to be about self-development, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that actually, it’s self-care. Spending time by yourself is needed - but loneliness can affect you in a negative way. 

You need to form relationships and have these connections to take care of yourself. You need people who can say “yep, I can relate to that” or “yep, I know exactly what you’re talking about.”

The lesson: think of your blog outside of its sole purpose. It can do more for you than you realise.

#7 The Blogging Community Is the Best When It's Collaborative

There’s a tweet pinned to the top of my Twitter profile that says: 

All bloggers really want to know is that we're doing OK. If you like what someone is doing online, tell them. It's all about support.

This has had 151 retweets and 251 favourites (and counting) for a reason. Because more than anything, what you and I love most about the blogging world is the sense of community. If you blog alone, you won’t get to appreciate how valuable that can be. 

So think about it - there could be someone blogging alone right now who just wants to know they’re doing OK. Why not reach out and tell them that they are?


Let's chat in the comments - how has the sense of community enhanced your blogging life?

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