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Why You Should Never Blog Alone

You get really excited about your blog. You’ve got ideas flowing around your head all the time. But when it comes to actually choosing one, you keep changing your mind. Why is that? Well I know, and I’m going to tell you.

I’ve got seven things for you today, friend. Seven reasons, actually, how to take away your fear. The fear of no comments, no interaction and no one listening. 

Blogging by yourself is exhausting, not just with all the work you have to do, but mentally too. If you try to do everything by yourself, you’ll never see as much growth as you want. Lately, I’ve seen some negativity in our community and this week, I know I’m not the only one who’s felt overwhelmed. 

The biggest thing I’ve found to help me along my blogging journey hasn't come from a tip, a tool or a piece of information. It’s come through the support of other people. So if you’re in this blogging thing alone, this is a reminder that you don’t have to be. Here are seven big reasons why.

#1 You Learn More

We’ll never know everything there is to know. And it’s actually better that way - would you want to be in a place where you couldn’t learn anything else? I definitely wouldn’t. That’s the beauty of the blogging world. Part of the reason you have a blog is because you’re sharing what you know, whether that’s beauty products, interiors inspiration or social media tips. You have some sort of knowledge to share these things - and other bloggers have knowledge on completely different things.

Asking for help from other people always allows you to learn more. A great advocate for this is Twitter chats. I can guarantee that I’ll learn something new from every Twitter chat I join that I can try out. I’ve even given advice to fellow bloggers and their reaction has been “I never knew that.” So just think - you might look at someone and wish you knew what they knew. But there’ll be plenty of other people looking at you that way too.

A great saying I learnt is “if you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always got.” Your blog develops as you develop and there’s always so much room for growth.

#2 You Create Relationships

The first interaction between anything is the start of a relationship, whether it’s active or passive. When someone hits the follow button on your blog, they’re entering into a passive relationship because they want to see your content. If someone hits follow on your Twitter profile that could be the start of you both actively interacting together every single day.

The more you reach out and get involved, the more relationships you create. It’s not down to you alone to promote your blog and what you do. Part of that comes down to your readers, and the people in your community who are there to shout about you to others. This comes down to forming relationships and you can’t do that when you’re hiding behind the internet and not getting involved.

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Hey Blogger, it's OK...

As bloggers, we have a huge to-do list to tackle on a daily basis. From answering emails to keeping up with social media, sometimes it feels like we can’t do it all.

I believe that we are brilliant people. When you think about everything we do, it makes us sound like superstars. But with all the work we put in, we might not always see the outcome that we want. That can make us feel low, fed up and downright blue.

There are times when I don’t want to publish another post. Times when I think, well, what’s the point?

Here’s the point – no one’s journey is the same. There are people out there who want to read what you have to say. Even if they don’t leave a comment and even if you don’t know who they are. There are people in the background who care about what you do.

You don’t have to feel like you have to do everything. If you beat yourself up about not getting things done, this is for you.

So, because it’s the festive season and because, well, let’s face it, a lot of us go through difficult times during this part of the year – here’s some pep talk.  

Today, I want to remind you (and myself, too) that hey blogger, it’s OK. It’s OK to feel lost, it’s OK to feel stuck. But it’s also OK to feel really really good. So, shall we get going?

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Blogs I've Loved In November

If you don't follow these bloggers already, you really should. Collecting and writing these posts each month really makes me realise just how amazing the blogging community is. The fact that each of us can come up with so many unique ideas for content on a regular basis truly is brilliant. December will be a quiet month so I'll be taking a break from this post until the end of January. But I'm pretty sure everyone is going to kick start the new year with style and a bang. So take a well deserved break this Christmas, catch up on your favourite blogs and add some more to your feed. This is the content I've been loving this month...

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