14 Posts You Need To Read This Month

2015 has started with a huge bang. Seriously. I started the year with a Bloglovin clear out and I'm so glad I did. The bloggers and businesses I follow have brought some amazing ideas to the table this month, from personal to skills and everything in between. 

You'll notice on Twitter that I share a lot of content that I enjoy reading or that inspires me. But I love putting it all together for you in one place where you can just take your time to read through all the great ideas that are out there.

1. Ten Tips To Improve Your Photography by Daydreams of Summertime

I come across a lot of these posts that are quite technical. But Sarah gets straight to the point and has explained this in a very simple, yet useful way. I'll definitely be referring to this when I'm thinking about my blog photos.

2. A Crazy Important Relationship Question by Because of Jackie

Meagan's personal posts are always a favourite of mine. She completely opens up to you and shares parts of herself and her life that make her really inspirational. This one is a highlight from January.

3. The Writer's Guide | Word of the Week: Push by Hello Neverland 

Content that makes me think is good content, and that's exactly what this post made me do. A lot of people are saying that long form content is the way forward, but I think I'll always prefer posts like these.

4. Why I Work Out by & Kathleen

So many of us work out, but most of us don't dig deep into the real reasons why we're doing it. I was one of them until I read this post by Kathleen.

5. Don't Forget Your Passion Projects by Jennypurr

Jen works hard at what she does. You can tell she wants it. But one of her latest posts reminds you that at the bottom of everything, bloggers and content creators are doing what they do because they love to write. Like Jen says in this post, without an audience, at a time when you can just write. She's inspired me to do the same.

6. Challenge Your Creativity by The Private Life Of A Girl

Sophie's posts are so simple yet straight to the point which is what I love about her content. I'm pushing to challenge myself at the moment and this is a post I keep referring to.

7. How Did You Grow Your Blog by The Well

This was such an interesting post to read. Full of different ideas and motivations. It's one I've bookmarked and will go back to time and time again.

8. Sunday Thoughts: Slippers by Carrie Brighton

Carrie's blog has become one of my favourites. Her content is great, her photography is lovely and I can sit and trawl through her archives.

9. More Than Your 5 A Day by Tea In Your Twenties

The lovely Stephie is currently on a journey of going vegan this month. I know, it's amazing. I don't think I could do it, but taking a look at some of the meals she's been making, she's actually selling it as quite a delicious option! 

10. Twice Baked Potatoes by The Last Souvenir

I want to make a batch of these potatoes and eat them all the time. Tasty healthy goodness.

11. 12 Lessons I Learned From My First Year Of Business by Elle & Co.

Lauren is so lovely. I can imagine sitting down for a brew with her and her just being able to talk me through things and share her knowledge and advice. Her blog is just great, seriously, check it out!

12. What I've Learned As The Daughter Of A Single Mother by Through the Thicket

As the daughter of a mother and father who have been together since they were 19, this was a really interesting piece to read. I completely admire bloggers like Kathryn who open up themselves to their audience and share their stories. Also, you've got to check out her Caturday posts - the definition of cuteness.

13. I'm Not Sorry - And You Shouldn't Be Either by Anastasia Amour 

If you read Anastasia's blog, you'll know that she is one of the most positive bloggers you'll ever come across. It was difficult to choose just one of her posts from this month, but as a person that says sorry all the time, this one hit home for me.

14. Top Beauty Secrets - Beauty Tricks by EmTalks

I've always loved Em's blog and the more beauty tricks she can give me the better! You'll definitely want to try these out...


What bloggers or posts have you enjoyed reading this month? Share your links in the comments below

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