If there's one thing I love, it's finding new tools and resources to increase my productivity. I bet that doesn’t come as a surprise to you 😉 

But what I love even more is passing these tools onto you.

tools to help you plan better

The resources that are out there for us to access are awesome. They can help you create more time in your day, help you complete tasks more quickly and improve your overall efficiency. The tools that are listed here are ones I use every week, if not every single day. Not only have they improved the way I manage my blog and online presence, but they’ve also transformed the way I balance everything too.

So today, as we get even closer to the new year (!), I wanted to share with you a few of the tools that have increased my productivity so they can have a positive effect on your life too. Let’s go.


tools to help you plan better in 2017

The bullet journal is a relatively new productivity tool for me. I only really started using it this summer, but it soon turned into an essential.

I’d heard so many people talking about using a bullet journal and even have a Pinterest board full of journaling ideas. And even though I thought it was great, I just couldn’t seem to find the right way to use it in the best way for me, my life and my blog.

Then I took a step back from it all, and this turned out to be exactly what I needed to do. I put together a list of lots of things you could track in your planner, which turned into a blog post and that was the key. When it comes to the bullet journal, it’s about including what’s right for you. Pick the things to track that work best for you and that’s how this productivity tool will thrive.

Over the Christmas break I’ll be planning how to use mine for 2017 and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to revolutionise my productivity. If you’re thinking about using a bullet journal, I’ve written a whole post on it here!


tools to help you plan better in 2017

Google Drive is an essential tool for me. I use so many different devices, including my laptop, my iPad and my phone. Having the ability to access any of my documents or images from any of my devices is an absolute necessity and Google Drive allows me to do this.

It’s totally free and I’ve been using it for two years and haven’t run out of storage yet. Everything is on there - things I download, my blog posts, all my images, EVERYTHING. Plus, you can also create documents and spreadsheets too. It’s my favourite!


tools to help you be more productive in 2017

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know how much love I have for Evernote. This my go-to tool for everything in my life, from business to personal. 

I save things online that I want to check out later, like recipes and workouts. I save wishlists on there from clothes to interiors. And I plan all my blog content on there, keeping a list of ideas for each of my categories and any other inspiration. 

Plus, when you’ve got the Google Chrome extension it makes it easy for you to save anything into your Evernote and go back to later. The bonus? It’s also free!


tools to help increase producitivty

Scheduling my social media posts for my blog is the biggest time saver ever. My productivity has increased so much and a lot of it is purely down to being able to schedule content for all my platforms. 

I’ve been using it ever since I started blogging three years ago and I’ve never looked back. The options are endless - you can schedule things for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Pinterest. You have to pay for some of the benefits like endless scheduling, but I’m still on the free version and that lets you schedule up to ten tweets at a time which is plenty. I am very tempted to upgrade soon though!

It’s so easy to navigate, really user-friendly and I would recommend it to every blogger out there. If you’re a newbie to Buffer, I’ve written a full tutorial on it here.


tools to help increase productivity

Since I schedule 20 tweets per day, I usually need another tool alongside my Buffer. This is where Hootsuite comes in. Truthfully, I don’t like it as much as Buffer (purely because I don’t think it’s as easy to use), but it still gets the job done.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s easy to use and on the free plan, you can schedule more social content than you’ll ever need. Perfect for when you’re prepping your online presence for when you go on holiday.

#6 | SORTD

tools to increase productivity

This is a relatively new tool for me, but I love it so far. The biggest problem I have as a blogger is my inbox. No matter how much I try, I just can’t seem to get it under control. Sortd solves this problem.

It’s basically an extension you add to your Google Mail that changes the way your inbox looks. It lets you create different folders, so instead of everything being in your inbox, you can customise it to be organised in the way you want. So any emails I need to follow up or read more into, I can put into individual folders which takes me one step closer to inbox zero.

It’s like having a to-do list and email inbox within one system and it works so well for me.


tools to increase productivity in 2017

This tool is great for any writer or blogger out there. If you worry about making spelling errors, or you don’t know whether your writing is good enough or not, this tool will tell you.

You copy and paste your text into the editor and it’ll alert you to different things, including spelling, grammar, sentence length and so much more. It’s a way not only to improve your writing, but to also make your content easier to digest for your readers.

I now use it for every single piece of content I write and I’ve seen some massive results because of it!


What are the favourite tools you use as a blogger? Will you be trying out any of these in 2017?

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