It's been a busy old year at A Branch of Holly HQ. I've been publishing content like a machine!

So here's the big list. From the launch of the Blogging Breakthrough magazine to now. You can find out what it is, where to get and most importantly stay in the loop with why it's so great.

blogging breakthrough magazine

The biggest and first change I made happened a couple of months ago. I decided that instead of having the ‘How I Got to Where I am Today’ interview on the blog, I would make it a piece of content exclusive to the magazine. 

I worked hard to get the message out there and got a wonderful line up of interviewees for the first few months of the magazine. But the best bit has been revealing teasers on social media of who is going to be featured in the issue. Then on the day the magazine is delivered to your inbox, the big announcement takes place!


Yep, as a reader of Blogging Breakthrough, you now get an exclusive piece of content within the magazine!

blogging breakthrough magazine

The aim of the ‘How I Got to Where I am Today’ interview is to highlight lots of different careers, but more importantly, how that person got there. They take us on a journey, from starting out with no experience at all, to becoming amazing at what they do as a profession.

So far we’ve had someone studying for a Ph.D in Soils Biophysics, a certified nutritionist with a love for writing and soon, you’ll be hearing from an interior designer.

I’m so grateful that so many people want to be interviewed for the Blogging Breakthrough magazine, and I love getting to share so many inspiring stories. But more than anything, it also means you can learn so much too and gain such an insight into their experiences!

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Next on the list of updates is the monthly round-up of tweets from you!

My content is popular because of you, and the community of Breakthrough Bloggers grows daily because of you. So really, I’d be a fool to not include you in the magazine, right?

So to solve that, I started including a round-up of the best tweets from you every single month. I usually put a tweet out asking people to send me something random, although I’m thinking of starting a theme for each month. Otherwise, I’ll take a look back through my mentions from the month and pick out some highlights.

blogging breakthrough magazine

With this feature of the magazine, you can:

  • See if your tweet has been featured in the issue
  • Get to know other bloggers within the community
  • Get opinions on trending topics and information relating to bloggers
  • Be inspired!


If you decide to sign up to becoming a Breakthrough Blogger, the Blogging Breakthrough magazine is free for you to access.

It’s the thing the keeps the community alive. Not only do you get weekly motivational emails from me and lifetime access to the 28-day Blogging Breakthrough challenge, you also get the free magazine hitting your inbox on the last Thursday of every month. So I’m not in it to make money or trick the system - I create this because I love magazines and I know it benefits you.


Not only do you get exclusive content in the Blogging Breakthrough magazine, you also get the best content.

Many of you will know that I publish twice per week on this blog, which adds up to about eight to ten posts per month. I know you might not read all of those - you’ve got a lot on and it’s difficult to dedicate time to catching up on your blog reading. Believe me, I know. But this is made easier with the magazine.

In every issue I include the two most popular blog posts from that month - the two pieces of content you’ve shared the most, talked about the most and loved the most. This means that if you want to read any posts on the blog, in the magazine, I’m giving you the pick of the best. 

blogging breakthrough magazine
  • You don’t have to miss out. Including the two best posts from my blog in the magazine means you’re getting access to the best content that’s going to make a real difference to your productivity and online presence.
  • No more reading here and there. Having the magazine delivered to your inbox means you can dedicate a chunk of time each month to reading through the content, rather than just catching up on a post when you’ve got a spare five minutes.
  • Stay consistent with what you consume by having your say on the content that is most relevant to you and the rest of the blogging world right now.

Want to know how I created one of the most popular posts on my blog? This step-by-step guide tells you what you need to know.


And finally, the last change to the Blogging Breakthrough magazine this year is that I’m accepting reader submissions! This means that you can now write for the magazine as a reader and member of the community. If you want to boost your online presence or gain some more experience, this is the perfect way to do it!

Whatever you want to write about when it comes to blogging, social media, career or productivity, you can go for it. By writing for the magazine, you’re guaranteeing that your words will be seen by 650+ people, all who can relate to you as a blogger. It’s a great way to get your name out there and I couldn’t be happier to turn this magazine into a completely user-generated publication.


Feeling interested? It’s free to become a Breakthrough Blogger right now!


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