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Tweeting For A Business? A Whole New Valuable Skill

Did you know 500 million tweets are sent every day? (source). 

500 million. Millions of tweets about sport, fashion, news and, of course, for promotional uses. But there's a very thin line with the subject of promoting ourselves and our business on Twitter.

We have a common ground - it's something we all have to do in this industry.  When you're a one-woman show and you're managing social media for your own business, you're okay. You know what voice you want to use and how you want to come across. The problem arises when someone "thinks" they know Twitter, but then has to tweet on behalf of a small business. Do you tweet as yourself? Or tweet as the business?

That's what Tom is here to talk to you about today.

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How To Really Up Your Twitter Game

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll be a Twitter goddess.

This is a social media platform that creators should be utilising.

Whenever I’m asked about social media, Twitter is always what I discuss. Sure, I know people who gain traffic from Pinterest and Instagram. But Twitter allows you to pull everything together. And it brings results. How do I know this? Well, I’ve done it myself. So today, I’m sharing a list of ways that you can improve your presence on Twitter and up your social media game. Many of these ideas can be done constantly, and some will definitely overlap.

So I encourage you to take each step one at a time and pick the ones that are most suited to you. 

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