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Five Tips For Making The Best To-Do List Ever

You know that highly organised person who is incredibly productive all the time? The one that you envy a little but also admire? They have the ability to manage their time effectively, complete tasks to the highest standard and actually get everything done. But it's not just a matter of luck or hard work. This person has the one weapon that we all probably use on a daily basis. We're just not using it efficiently enough.

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What's Always On Your 'To Do' List?

Everyone loves a list don't they? Whether you use sticky notes, pieces of paper or cute printables, we all love to note tasks down and try to complete them.

I read something earlier about 'to-do' lists that said:

Today's To Do List

Make to-do list

Cross things off to-do list

Celebrate completion of to-do list

If only it was that simple.

This then got me thinking about my own to-do list. Every night I write out my to-do list for the next day which usually consists of job hunting and then all things blogging, along with other errands and jobs thrown in between. 

At the moment, these two areas - job hunting and blogging - are so important that I'm devoting practically all my time to them every single day. But recently, I was thinking about other hobbies that I have and other fun tasks that I've still yet to complete on my to-do list. So as well as job hunting and blogging, I'm going to try and fit in one of my other favourite tasks every day, just so I'm that step closer to crossing it off my to-do list.

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