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Exclusive: What My Job in Marketing Actually Involves

While I love answering all sorts of questions from my readers, I get especially excited when I receive emails from you asking for help with your career. This could be what path to go down, talking over your CV or just a general chat. 

Recently, I’ve chatted to a few of you about jobs in marketing and what that actually involves. And since my posts on “The Pros & Cons of Being a Social Media Marketer” and “A Journey down My Career Path so Far” resonated so well with you, it urged me to share more about my day job with you– which is why we’re here today!

So I hope for those of you looking for a job within the marketing industry, that you gain something from reading this post. Here’s an exclusive look into what my job as a Marketing Coordinator actually involves. 

I figured it would be best to start off by giving you a brief overview of what I do for those of you who have no idea! And if this is your first time reading this blog, then welcome :)

I work for one of the top sixth form colleges nationally in a Marketing team of four – there’s me (Marketing Coordinator), we've currently got a temp until September as a Marketing Assistant, then there’s the Senior Schools Liaison & Marketing Officer, and our Marketing Manager. It’s a small team for all the work we do, but we get on really well together.

My main purpose is to promote the college brand to prospective students and parents, whilst also communicating and building relationships with our current students and wider community.

The best thing about the team is that each of us has completely different responsibilities. There’s absolutely no crossover and we've all got different skills, which is one of the reasons we work so well together.

I absolutely love the things I get to do for my job. So let’s dig into what they are!

Brand Promotion

Everything you do to promote your blog? That’s exactly what I do to promote the brand I work for. Like you all know, word of mouth is one of your strongest marketing tools. Something that really contributes to growing your online presence is how many people actually know about you.

The good thing about where I work is how local it is. Generations of families attend the college and we've done surveys that have proved how strong word of mouth can be. But we’re also planning to branch out further afield so we can get even more students. That means a lot of brand promotion, and here are my daily responsibilities within that.

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101 Of The Best Sites Online Right Now (Part 2)

Welcome to Part Two of the 101 Best Sites Online Right Now series!

First of all, let me say a huge thank you to everyone who shared the first part of the series and got in touch with me about it. It's so great that you found all those websites inspiring and valuable. I've been itching to share the second part with you, and the day is finally here. 

You'll find out what the next group of websites is below, so dig in and get ready to add some new sites to your bookmarks list.

Today we're onto numbers 21 to 40, and the group is...Marketing!

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