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Author Interview: Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey is taking the publishing world by storm. But he’s still a normal Northern boy at heart.

Ryan Casey is good at giving advice

“Do you want a tip? Not a personal tip or a money tip, I can’t give those.” He takes his time and is thoughtful, searching for the words. “We’re our own harshest critic. It’s okay to think that everything we write isn't so good or that we’re wasting our time. If you really believe in something you should go for it.”

These are wise words coming from an author, fresh out of university. He’s comfortable, laid back and honest, making him seem like he’s been in this world for a lot longer than his 21 years. “I do everything an average 21 year old does. I hang out with friends, I get up late, I procrastinate, I drink. So probably everything I shouldn’t do really.”

What he also does is write. With his latest book, Dying Eyes released recently, you realise he’s only just at the beginning of his journey

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