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Today’s talking point:

How do you juggle all the platforms and pull together a content calendar to map it out and ensure that you are getting the most out of your content

Regardless of what you sell, whatever industry you're in, the number one thing that binds everyone who is listening right now is this: we all need the other person's attention before we can tell them what we want from them.

Attention is the singular asset and right now the attention of the world sits in our mobile phones.


There are only seven or eight places where we really consume content. It's your job to figure out how you're going to send your message to the world through written, audio or video content. 

Think about it, 100 pieces of content isn't actually that daunting... 50 of those could be singular tweets, 20 could be Instagram Stories (that’s 70 already!). Though, I bet a lot of you haven't posted 100 pieces of quality content this year and that's why I'm recording this episode. 

The opportunity is remarkable. There is so much opportunity and everything you see happening is all playing out in one singular place: the Internet.

You can break the Internet down into seven or eight key sites. Information right now sits on Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It's not as complicated as you think --  what's complicated is getting good at communicating, because you have to respect the context of each platform. 

Speaking to the Right Customer

Not everyone will view your content the same. Platforms today are allowing us to target people in such a specific way that we have never seen before, at scale. Anything you want to say to the world, you need to say eight or more times at a minimum because you need to speak to the people who are seeing it, call them out. 

So everything I've said so far probably sounds really tedious to you, but here's the secret: everything great should be hard. If you want to reap the massive benefits of this amazing era we're in right now, you should put in the work. You need to put in the work. 

Working Cross Platform

It’s important to look at your content and think, how can I make this work on a different platform? Use all of the resources to work together, repurpose content and reach a larger audience.

From Pinterest, IGTV, LinkedIn, podcasts, to Youtube, I've built my blog to reach 100,000 monthly page views and I've grown a community of 20,000 people across all my platforms. I want you to start taking yourself more seriously because you should be putting out more content but not advertisements - information.

Share Your Best Content

Put out all your best advice for free because I promise you, you'll make way more money rather than holding it in for the people that pay you.  For the 25 people who decide not to pay you, there's another 1000 ready to pay you out of gratitude and trust in the content that you provided for them for free. 

Getting Out of Your Own Head

If you haven’t already… start now. The cost to do it is ZERO. Some of you aren’t posting because you’re scared you won’t get likes, or will get mean comments. You have to get out of your own head and start posting - because without that you won’t grow.


Sometimes it’s hard to sell to your audience without blatantly sounding “salesy.”  So here are six tips on how to sell without selling.

#1 | Build Your Brand

Brand > sales. Branding is more important than monetisation - you are your business. You have options and the longer you leave it to monetise your audience, the better. You don't build your brand to sell it. You build your brand to use it.

Now I know you need a certain amount of sales to meet the recurring, consistent income, but brand always pays. The reason why all the cool kids are wearing labels. Isn’t because the labels are making more sales, it's because they're a brand. 

#2| Have Patience

If you want to grow and scale your business, you need humility and patience. Stop trying to be a master of all. Scaling a business comes at two very important traits:

  1. Humility 

  2. Patience 

Start auditing your business, and what you are doing in the day to day. Scaling is dependent on what you're investing in your life right now and how you want your life to be. 

#3 | Go All In

Go all in on LinkedIn. Figure out what form of content is natural to you, video or written or audio. If you're a B2B business, LinkedIn is crucial for you. Written audio or video ads are more expensive on Facebook and Instagram compared to LinkedIn, but organic traction is reachable. Just putting your LinkedIn profile URL in your email signature as someone who emails a lot is enough of a match to start your LinkedIn content career. 

#4 | Social Media Ads 

If you create specific content for social media ads, it allows you to get hyper targeted to your different types of consumers. The Facebook feed is busy and if it's not contextual, it's not getting consumed. Make sure you know who you want to target. For example, when I talk to product based business owners specifically, I'm going to speak differently to them than a blogger or a service based business owner. You've got to adjust your audience. 

#5 | Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing should be taken advantage of more. You shouldn't be sitting around wondering if Susie Smith is still going to be big in five years, you should get her now when the attention is still under priced. There are lots of things you can do and it starts with DMing everyone.

#6 | Focus on Your Content

Create content as your leverage.  When you go live on Instagram or Facebook, or interview for your podcast, you control the story. You could start a podcast and interview the people you want to work with, or do business with. 

Sending an email with the title saying, I'd love to have you on my podcast to know your journey and thoughts on the current state of _____ are going to get a hell of a lot more responses than “do you need a social media manager?” It’s part of the like, know and trust factor.

Remember: you always want to be hosting the party.

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