Some of you might've seen that not only do I manage and run this blog, but I've also recently started a new one. 

As someone who has got a full-time job, a blog, does freelance work on the side and is in the process of looking for a house, you can see there's a lot going on.

So why would I even consider starting a brand new blog on top of all this?

I don't know a lot of bloggers in real life. But the ones I speak to online all love pushing themselves to try new things. 

And so do I 😉

My friend Stephie has just rebranded her site and launched a brand new interview series with creatives. 

Another blogger I love, Anna, has also gone through a redesign and is producing better content than ever. 

I love writing, and I've always wanted to go back to my roots of why I started blogging in the first place.

So if you're considering starting not just a new blog, but a new project, and you're not sure whether you'll be able to handle it - go for it. You can have doubt after doubt, but I'm here to tell you that it IS possible. Plus, there are so many benefits to having more than one creative project (especially more than one blog).

First of all though, I wanted to talk to you about why I decided to start Little Branches.

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little branches

A few months ago, I was talking to Tom about all my dreams for ABOH and described how I really wanted to fit in a way that I could document everything that was happening in my life. 

See, I wanted to keep ABOH in line with its specific purpose - to inspire you to get to where you want be, using my own tried and tested strategies that really work.

If I started documenting my life in and amongst all that other content, it just wouldn't fit in with the flow of the blog. 

So the thought of having a separate place to write about all things lifestyle didn't seem like such a drastic idea. I knew I was cutting the posting schedule down on this blog, which would give me more time to write content for the new blog - plus I wanted to do it. So I went ahead and created Little Branches.

I wanted a more varied place to write about things that don't really fit on ABOH, like health, interiors and adventures. While I do touch slightly on some lifestyle topics through content on my main blog, it's not my main focus - I focus on providing strategy and mindset tips to bloggers. 

With this new site, I would talk more about my own life, everything I was getting up to behind-the-scenes and give people more of an insight into the person behind the blog. It would enable me to speak on a more personal level with my readers.

This is what Little Branches is all about! And as I've started writing posts and growing a community, I've learned that the has given me even me fuel to be able to bring these two blogs together. To let people know that it is possible to combine personal and professional on the same platform, the same website.

I'm yet to create a set content plan, but I'm really chuffed with how Little Branches is going so far. I can't believe how supportive you've been with the new venture and you've made the whole thing so much more exciting!

On this blog you can expect:

  • A Seven for Sunday post every Sunday
  • Plus a post every Wednesday which could be on health, fitness, interiors, my latest adventure - basically anything I've been loving or that has been inspiring me.

So besides the community being so incredibly supportive, what other benefits are there to starting a new blog?


I knew when ABOH turned to more of a digital marketing focus that I was going to lose some of my audience members, but this new lifestyle blog breaks down that barrier. It allows both sets of audiences to come together. 

One really important thing you can do as a blogger is to really nurture your community. Reach out as far as possible and interact as much as you can. By networking with others you're getting your name and brand out there more and more, which leads to meeting new people and generates new opportunities.

5 reasons why I'm starting a new blog when I already have one


I love writing and branding things. Seriously, words are totally my thing. So when I get the chance to use my ideas for a new project, I'm itching to get started!

I'm writing about topics that I don't have much experience in and even though finding my feet in the new venture is a challenge, I'm loving being able to write about something new. 

The more posts I write, the more I'm learning about what lifestyle topics come most naturally to me, which is really helping me develop this brand. 

What I found scariest about starting Little Branches was if I didn't have any ideas - but it turns out that they came flooding to me! Because I had a broader scope of topics to write about (and I was using my own life for inspiration), I came up with two sides of A4 filled with ideas in less than an hour. 

Stepping outside my comfort zone for this blog has enabled me to feel braver about stepping outside my comfort zone of my other blog too.


One of the best ways you can always ensure success online is by creating ways to diversify your brand. 

My plan for Little Branches is to grow this blog so that it eventually becomes its own standalone branch in my brand tree. Whether it's with Snapchat or creating a new eBook, this is a great way to grow my brand.

And who doesn't like growth, right?

Although I have no plans for Little Branches to generate income - unless I decide to start affiliate marketing - you never know what's possible in the future. Just look at my online community!


In my three year blogging review, I mentioned that I'm trying to build up my clients as I'm trying to create a freelance writing business alongside my day job.

While I'm hoping this plan will get up and running even more over the next few months, for now, I'm growing my portfolio whenever I write a new piece of content.

This helps my audience and potential clients know exactly where my skills and expertise lie when it comes to my writing.


I've mentioned this blog and my online so many times over the past few years, in my Masters course and job interviews. This isn't just coincidence - it's more a purposeful way to let people know about my brand get my content in front of new eyes.

Because of Little Branches, I'm now making a more conscious effort with Instagram marketing and continuing with Pinterest marketing. I've found both of these platforms have made a huge impact to the ABOH brand, so why not use them for this new project too!

So what's the secret? How the hell do you find time to do all this?

Right now, I'm publishing two blog posts a week over on Little Branches. And as I've mentioned before, one blog a week here on ABOH (although I really want to up it to two).

I also have my day job to think about which obviously takes up most of my time. Plus any client work. So looking at it like that, I don't really have a lot of extra time to spare. Why then am I willing to run this brand new blog when I've already got so many things going on?

Well to start off, a new blog needs new content in order to build authority. With one post a week being my Seven for Sunday series, I know two posts is totally do-able right now.

Another reason why I've made the decision to start this new blog is not only because I can do it, but also because I want to do it. Writing from a more lifestyle/personal perspective is what I originally started out doing, so I can put together a post in no time. Especially if it's something about me or my life.

I'm praying that all my hard work pays off and my audience from this blog flocks over to Little Branches. But don't worry - that's not a hint or anything 😉


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How would you feel about starting a new blog? Scared? Inspired? Let me know in the comments and remember to pin this for future reference!

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