This time last year I did a year in review post (you can read it here). But I didn’t actually write a post to celebrate all the wonderful moments from the past year.

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for some time and it made me feel super excited, plus grateful for everyone and how my life has turned out this year.

I don’t know about you, but this year especially, I’ve been so focused on what comes next. I feel like these past twelve months have flown by in a whirlwind and I hardly stopped to realise what was actually going on. But now I have? I’ve realised that this year has been pretty magical.

[Get ready for a cheese-fest…]

So to celebrate the end of the year, here are my 2017 highlights - personal business-related and everything inbetween.


Technically the first part of this is a bit of a cheat one, but I’ll explain why. Tom actually proposed to me on 23rd December last year but this the first full year we’ve spent as an engaged couple...and I’ve never been happier.

Our wedding isn’t for another 18 months, but we’ve already started planning and booked some of the big things like the venue, photographer and cars. And...I also picked my dress! That is a day that I will remember forever.

So we’re going to get back to planning in the new year and I can’t believe that when it’s Christmas 2019, we’ll be husband and wife…


I’m still in complete and utter disbelief about this one - despite the fact that I’ve got my two awards sitting on my bookshelf upstairs and my email signature now says “multi-award-winning blogger.

When I started this blog in 2013, and even when I changed my direction in 2015, I did not think in a million years I would win one award, let alone two.

So, in case you’re new around here, back in April I won the best PR, Media, Marketing & Communications blog at the UK Blog Awards, and in September, I won the award for Best Blogging Guru at the Bloggers Blog Awards. Even writing that out now still feels so surreal to me.

A massive thank you again to everyone who nominated and voted for me. It means so much to me and is an achievement that makes everything I’ve done and sacrificed worth it. On days when I think I’m not doing so well or when I feel like nobody is listening, I can look at my awards and think, yep...I’ve done okay.


The biggest blogging and business-related highlight for me this year was getting the chance to take ABOH full-time. I went in with the mindset that if it didn’t work out in six months, I’d go back to a full-time job. But so far so good.

I used to dream of being a full-time business owner, but also believed that I’d never be capable. So to be working with such wonderful clients and be working on some fantastic projects - I feel lucky every single day.

I’ve learnt and developed so much since I went full-time in August and even though I’ve been thrown some curveballs, it still goes to show that you don’t need to have 10,000 followers to build a successful online presence. So here’s to the growth of my business in 2018.


Whilst Tom and I had a fantastic road trip tour of the Peak District in the Summer, we both agree it was our week away in Majorca with my Mum, Dad and brother, that was the holiday highlight of the year.

I’ve gone on holiday with my family every year for as long as I can remember, but this one seemed extra special. My brother was moving away later in the year, Tom and I were engaged - it was lovely to spend a week together celebrating everything our family had achieved.

We were also in Majorca on 1st June which was two years exactly to our wedding day and we went out to have cocktails in the warm summer sunshine...it was absolute bliss.


Anyone who watched my first ever video on YouTube will know that this time last year we got the keys to our first house. It happened way quicker than we expected (isn’t that how life works) and it’s taken us a while to get used to things, but one thing’s for sure - we don’t regret it one bit.

We’ve not done any major decorating just yet as we wanted to get used to living together first so we’re looking forward to giving it a lick of paint in the new year and starting to look into buying new furniture.

I do miss my mum and dad, but Tom and I are better than ever and I think our house has played a big part in that. Sure it can be annoying living with a boy but I’m also living with my best friend and we make a great team.


Sometime back in the spring, my brother was applying for grad scheme after grad scheme and in the summer, he was going to assessment centre after assessment centre. When we found out he’d been accepted onto a Business Management scheme at BT out of thousands of applicants, I’d never felt more proud of him.

I knew my brother was always going to go onto big things - he’s naturally clever and intelligent but he’s also so approachable and cool too...I find you don’t find many people like that.

So to see him reach this achievement after all the work he’s put in - well, let’s say I was the happiest big sister in all the land.


This year we got to throw two celebrations for our family - one in April at my Mum and Dad’s house, which was our engagement party. The other was in August which we threw at our house, as our house warming party.

The engagement party was really special because Tom’s family all came up from down south and got to meet my family. That night we announced the date of the wedding and the venue we’d chosen. Tom also asked his best friend to be his best man and my brother to be one of his groomsmen, and I asked Tom’s cousin to be my flower girl. It was emotional, wonderful and a night I’ll never forget.

Our house warming was a little more on the wild side… I definitely had a sore head the next day! Luckily the weather was beautiful and we got everyone outside and did a toast to thank them all for being part of our journey.

While these seven moments go to show that this year was filled with love and happiness, I don’t want it to cloud your vision - this year has also been filled with some very hard moments too. But what I think is important, is to remember that even though not every day is a good day, there are always good moments in each day.



So here’s to more good moments in 2018.