Ahhh! I can't believe I haven't written a post about this yet and I'm so excited!

After months of thinking about it and making sure I had everything set up just right, I finally created a new online community on Facebook, where bloggers can share ideas, ask questions and find support and encouragement all within one place!

So what it is? It's called The Blogging Breakthrough community and it's in a Facebook group, which means it's a private, VIP group especially for members. Once you join, you get access to loads of freebies, a community of like-minded bloggers and so much more.

In this post, I just thought I'd quickly explain how The Blogging Breakthrough community works so some of you hopefully sign up.

What is the Blogging Breakthrough Facebook Group?

A lot of Facebook groups are for business owners and entrepreneurs, but I discovered that there wasn't one out there specifically for bloggers, which is why I created this group. I'm part of a lot of Facebook groups where there are lots of rules to follow, but I wanted to create one that was more laid back and comfortable for bloggers like me and you.

To join, you just need to log into your personal Facebook account and search for "The Blogging Breakthrough Community", then when it comes up, hit join and I'll add you once I get your request. Once you're in you get access to the 28-Day Blogging Breakthrough Challenge eBook, four other free workbooks and much much more.


Each day there will be a different "prompt" in the group where you'll get to interact with the prompt and the rest of the people in the group. These include things like sharing your goals (and I check in with you on a Friday to see if you achieved them!), office hours where you get to ask me questions and a weekly promotional thread too.

You're also free to post in the group yourself with any questions you have related to your blog or online presence. Stuck with something? Just post in the group!

As the group moderator, I love getting to know you all so much and the more you interact within the group, the more I get to know you. Plus, I can see what topics you love discussing the most!


I would be so happy if you were interested in this and wanted to join us!

The good news is, joining the group is super easy. Just click this link, make sure you're signed into Facebook and and click the Join button. Once I accept your request, you're in! You'll then get access to the main freebie in the Intro thread (where you can also introduce yourself), as well as the other freebies down the right-hand side in the description.

Then all you need to do is quickly read the rules, just to make sure the community stays safe and unspammy, and go ahead and introduce yourself.

It's as simple as that - and then you're a true member! Start taking part in the daily threads, post in the group yourself and get chatting to other bloggers. Pretty great, right?


I can't wait to see you there. And if you've got any questions, email me at or tweet me @abranchofholly.


Join the Blogging Breakthrough community now!



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