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Today’s talking point:

I want to explore new strategies that can help me with lead generation through social media. So I am excited to hear your success strategy and make necessary improvements. 

I've got three questions to ask you. 

  • Can you really create more by doing less? 

  • How do you reach more people without being glued to your phone or your computer? 

  • How can one piece of content turn into 30?

We are getting into all of that today with the best content creation strategy for 2020 and beyond. 


Here's the deal. I have been creating content for a very long time and I feel like at this point, I've mastered the art of creating more content by doing a lot less work.

When I first started creating blog posts, I instinctively knew that I needed to be sharing them on all the platforms. In the beginning I would create mini graphics and quotes to drive traffic back to my blog posts and share them out on Facebook and Twitter. All of a sudden there were all of these other platforms I had to think about and I found myself asking:

  • Do I need to create more content for each platform? 

  • Do I need to create unique individual pieces of content for each platform? 

  • How are you supposed to keep up with this?

So I brought it back to basics. I figured out where I really thrived and how I could use that to my advantage. You can do less while creating more, reach more people and have an even bigger impact. So you're going to walk away with three things today. 

  1. A way to identify where you thrive and what platform makes the most sense for your online presence.

  2. The step by step process I use to take one podcast episode or youtube video and turn it into multiple pieces of content. 

  3. Special hacks to really make the most of this process and make sure you're working as efficiently as possible. 


Where do you thrive the most? For me it was always written word; blog posts always came easy to me at first so it was a natural fit to go in that direction. In general, you have four options when you're looking at what kind of content you want to create and how you can use that pillar content to create more content from it. 

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Written

  • Images

Figure out which of those platforms plays to your strengths and use that as your pillar piece of content to create content on every other platform without having to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need unique content for every single platform. It’s not humanly possible, unless you have a massive team behind you. 

So what is the best content creation strategy for the rest of 2019 2020 and beyond? Drum roll, please…repurposing and repackaging.

I'm going to break down exactly how I do it in my business to turn one piece of content into loads of other pieces of content for other platforms.

#1| Repurpose & Repackage

 Here is how I can turn one podcast episode into multiple posts. First, I create teasers for my pillar content on other social platforms:

Instagram Posts

  • Create a mini teaser to go on Instagram with the purpose to drive traffic to the latest episode. I share audio clips from the latest episode on Instagram stories and through the feed.


  • I film a short video to promote the podcast episode and post that on the same day the podcast episode goes live, because I want all the traffic going to that podcast episode. 

Twitter Graphics

  • This can be anywhere from a title graphic to quotes from the podcast episode

What makes this so powerful is: I do it all in advance.

Now, you’ve heard me talk about batching content plenty of times (EP 37: 3 Month Content Calendar, EP 24: Batch Working 101). When you batch you work and create complementary pieces of content, you can fill up a content calendar fast without stressing about what you need to post next.

You can use this step for any content. If you want to promote a Youtube video, I would repackage the full video or 10 minutes of it for IGTV a week after it’s launch. Repurpose and repost the same content on different platforms to reach a larger audience.

By creating content from main “pillar content,” you will get more results long term from all the views of traffic that are directed to your main post in the first 24 hours, or first couple of weeks. 

#2| Niching Down Your Content

The most important part of round two is focusing on the comments that come up when you post pieces of content to your pillar content. Whatever it might be, pay attention to the comments and feedback because they will tell you exactly what resonated and hit home the most. Then, use the feedback to create even more micro content from that one piece of pillar content. Once you create that main pillar piece, have the content there at your fingertips.

When I create a video piece of content, an audio piece of content, or a live stream of any kind, I get it transcribed for a blog, then take little pieces to turn into quotables and graphics for Instagram or Twitter that are based off of a piece of content that I know hit home. (Which is guaranteed engagement!)

For example, I posted a picture to Instagram based on a mini training series I did, and I could tell that one of the lines in my long form caption really resonated with people. So I took that line, re-posted it, and repackaged it & it ended up getting more engagement than the original post. 

For speaker series, or panels, you can listen to what your audience responds to the most and create micro videos. That becomes a native piece of content and it's not a new piece of content. It's what you did in your speaking engagement, but repurposed and repackaged so you can get even more reach and impact with your content. 

If I showed you my content calendar, you can see that one piece of content can turn into so many other little pieces of content and last for months. One blog post, podcast episode or one youtube video becomes all of these pieces of content for different platforms. So I'm not creating new content, I'm just re-purposing and repackaging onto these different platforms. 


As someone who has been active on social media for over six years, believe me, I've tried everything. I've tested everything, every app, platform, gadget, tool and technique, and this is the best content creation strategy out there. It just works and it makes your life a whole lot easier. So your action step is to give this a go. Go back to and listen to this episode, make some notes and try implementing a repurposing content plan and see what happens. 

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