Hey friends! Are you enjoying this absolutely beautiful weather? The sun does wonders for me and always makes me feel better. I've had a lot of work on this weekend, but I'm so thankful that I've been able to do it outside. 

When you go on holiday and take a full break from your blog and everything, it's pretty unbelievable how much work goes into it. When I started planning my guest post schedule, I thought, yeah this'll be a breeze!

Boy was I wrong.

It feels like everything's come at once and I'm like a planning bumblebee at the moment, buzzing round making sure everything is in place and ready to go.

I don't know why I decided to use a bumblebee but it's sunny so we'll just go with it.

Anywho, I know how much you'll have missed last week's Seven for Sunday round-up, so without further ado we're back again with the first one of May. Enjoy!

#1 | Tom

Don't worry, I'm not gonna' get all mushy mushy here, but I did want to give Tom a little shout out this month.

Since I uploaded this picture of him to Instagram, it's become one of the most liked ones on there. When I showed him he couldn't believe it, bless him. I decided not to mention the comments because his head might get too big... ;)

There's been a lot going on this month with my day job, blog and different projects, but he's been there through them all. I know how frustrated he gets when I'm trying to find the perfect props to create the perfect flatlay, but he still manages to create the best shot each and every time.

Boyfriends of bloggers. They really do deserve some sort of recognition every now and again!

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

#2 | The Bunnies

I know I've mentioned Poppy and Rosie in a recent Seven for Sunday post, but this picture was too cute to ignore.

Sunshine is DEFINITELY the bunnies favourite weather. They'd be out on the grass roaming around all day if they could. Well, it's more like bounding around really. You see, once their furry feet touch the grass, they get giddy. Really giddy. They start sniffing around and flicking themselves around in the air like they're having the time of their lives.

Plus, they provide endless entertainment. I'm always sharing pictures and videos of these two on Snapchat, so find me on there if you want more updates!

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

#3 | Weekend Mornings

For as long as I can remember, I've been a morning person. If I get a good sleep the night before, there's nothing I love more than getting up early(ish) on a weekend morning and making the most of the day.

The one thing I love about them is the pace. I can move as slowly or as quickly as I want to. I can sit in my dressing gown with my porridge and tea scheduling tweets, or I can get ready and go out for a morning walk. 

I used to think a weekend morning was just to be used for getting ready for the day, but now I realise how much you should cherish them. They're easily one of the best parts of the week.

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

#4 | Finding Your Make-Up Style

In the past, I struggled with beauty a lot. I could never find the right products and I found that I could just never get my skin to look the way I wanted it too.

Over the past few months especially though, I really feel like I've come into my own. I've found a step-by-step routine that works with the products I know work the best for me and my skin (praise you, Clinique!) Knowing I'm comfortable with my beauty look gives me even more confidence for how I feel about the rest of my body.

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

#5 | The Sun

Hotter in Britain than in Ibiza? Are you crazy? This weekend, we finally saw a glimpse of the beautiful weather we've been waiting for.  It feels like everything has come to life all of a sudden. I've sat out in the sun for the past couple of days and already I've got freckles on my nose and cheeks!

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

#6 | Nana and Granddad's Kitchen

A sort of tradition in my family is going to my Nana and Granddad's for a pot of tea and something to eat. I've been doing it for years, usually on a Saturday afternoon.

If there's one thing I'll take with me all throughout my life from my childhood, it's their kitchen. There's just something about it that says, "Nana and Granddad's kitchen". From the round table, to the stable door, to the knitted teapot cover. Me, Nana and my mum can spend a good few hours sipping on a brew and nibbling a biscuit, catching up and putting the world to right.

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

#7 | Guest Posters

I won't lie to you - putting together and organising this schedule of guest posters hasn't been easy. I'm actually surprised at how stressed I've felt at the whole thing. I mean, it's saving me so much time in the run up to going to Dublin. I'm so grateful to each and every person that's currently planning their guest post for ABOH and I can't wait for you, my readers, to see the great content that's coming up.

It's made me realise that maybe I need to start giving this online space a bit more credit. I mean, sure it's going well, but secretly, I wish it was going better. Then I look at all these wonderful people that actually want to contribute and it amazes me. I feel so grateful and lucky. I could've had no responses. But the fact I've got a list of people currently writing a brilliant piece of content for this blog, must mean something is going very right.

Seven for Sunday: 8th May 2016

Now I'm off to proofread the Blogging Breakthrough magazine in the sunshine ready for tomorrow's launch. Exciting! Remember to join the community if you want it.


Let's chat in the comments - what have been some of the highlights of your week? Anything new with you?

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