Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016

So is Spring here yet? Can you see it? 

I know you've been enjoying the sunshine down in London, but up North, it's still not getting over 11/12 degrees. Which means no summer clothes for us yet.

I'm sat waiting (very impatiently) for it. I mean, we've had some nice days. Thursday afternoon was beautiful, and when I got home from work my mum and dad were gardening. But mum had her big coat on and dad had a woolly hat on, so we've still got a bit to go.

But yes, I'm really ready for it. Sometimes I'll look out of the window at work and just wish for it to appear. I even made an ASOS order the other night for a couple of Spring pieces in the hope that the temperatures will rise.

Springtime also means the countdown starts for holidays, more time off and my birthday and I obviously can't wait for all those things! 

And summer nights in the garden sipping wine, going on walks to watch the sunset, having breakfast outside in the sun.

I need to stop before I get carried away...

Here's how this week has looked.

#1 | Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer

Speaking of Spring, this little beauty is my go-to shade right now, along with another bright pink one.

I don't usually buy lipsticks more than once, but after trying one of these, I now want every single colour in the collection. They're £16 a pop, so not your average high street prices, but oh my goodness will it be worth it. I'm not lying to you when I say they stay on all day. You'll definitely be able to find your favourite shade, and if you want to see any in action, head over to my Instagram, because I'm 99.9% likely to be wearing one of these in every selfie I post.

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016

#2 | New Hair

Well slightly new hair anyway. I had a balayage colour put through my hair just after Christmas to add some more tones to it and I'm still absolutely loving it. But the style was the problem.

You see I've been growing my hair since I was about 16. I want it long - like mega long. I was growing it so it would all be one length, but I kept having problems with it and like we all do, I got fed up of it.

My hairdresser (who's done my hair since I started having my hair cut), asked me to look for some inspiration, so I started pinning some images that I like. Being the miracle-maker she is, she noticed they all had one thing in common and that was that they all came to a point at the end.

Hence this picture - which was taken just after my hairdresser left. I was thrilled when I saw the back of my head, because it was exactly what I wanted. 

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016


I keep getting these mixed up with hydrangeas (my mum is a gardening whizz so always corrects me!) But they make me very happy.

For one thing, they're beautiful. I mean, look at the lilacy-pink one with the darker shade of pink. And for another thing, the smell. Oh the smell. It floats throughout the house, and when you walk upstairs, it hits you. I can smell them now just thinking about it - and I'm writing this from my desk at work on my lunch break!

I'd tell you where you can buy them from, but we cut these from our garden. I love putting together little arrangements with my mum. But I'd say M&S or Sainsburys would be good places to pick a bunch of these up from.

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016

#4 | This picture of Maisy

Here's Maisy mid-yawn.

Usually when I leave for work in a morning, she's asleep on my bed. And when I get home from work. guess where she is? Yep - asleep on my bed.

But when I walk in she'll wake up and start rolling around all excited at the cuddles about to take place. This was one of those moments, with a big yawn to go with it.

Then she'll rub all over me and won't leave me alone while I exercise, which, as you can imagine, makes things difficult sometimes! But she's a good egg...most of the time.

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016

5 | Easter chocolate

I took this picture on Wednesday, so as you can probably guess, this pile is nowhere near as big. Take away the cream eggs and one of the pink bunny lollies and that's about what we're left with.

I never want a lot of chocolate at Easter, because I don't really eat a lot of it, so I was happy to get just the right amount. And a Lindt chocolate bunny of course.

It's been very nice treating myself to a little bit of chocolate after a hard day and a good workout. But we never really need an excuse do we?

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016

#6 | Egg and fried tomatoes on toast

This is my go-to weekend breakfast and will soon become my when-I-have-a-day-off breakfast too.

It's my favourite breakfast and such a nice treat after having porridge five days a week. Plus it fits in very nicely with my healthy diet so win win.

Basically, I have one slice of toast (usually homemade sourdough bread that my Nana makes), with loads of fried tomatoes and a good egg. I'm a pro at them, so as soon as I put my fork into the yolk, the gooey juiciness erupts everywhere.

I'm telling you, special breakfasts are what weekends are made of. Give it a go.

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016

#7 | Yankee Honey Blossom Candle

Sorry friends, we're back on Spring again.

I know Yankee candles are like a blogger thing, but when I was at Boundary Mill I couldn't resist picking one of these up at a great bargain.

It sits on my desk and I light it every time I sit down to to some work. I've also found it's great to light when Tom comes to mine after a run, because woah do boys get sweaty. So it's quite a welcome relief. 

I also love how it's purple and matches my bedroom. It's all about the little things.

Seven for Sunday: 10th April 2016


Now I'm off to do an hour long workout and get sweaty myself. Pass me the matches.

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Let's chat in the comments - what have been some of the highlights of your week? Anything new with you?

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