The Facts About You (My 2015 Survey Results!)

The Facts About You

When I launched my first ever reader survey, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for all the information you were going to give me, and nervous that no one would take part! Thankfully you did and I'm so grateful to those of you who took part. Thank you for giving up a few minutes of your time to give me and my space some feedback. It was mega interesting to read what you think about A Branch of Holly. But what I enjoyed even more was getting to know you and reading about what you need help with. You were all completely honest and I really do cherish that.

Something I like to be on this blog and in my life is transparent. So today, I'm sharing the results from my survey in some pretty funky graphs. Here are some facts about you!


How Old Are You?

The results for this were as I expected, as well as your gender - 98% of you are female.

Are you a blogger?

how did you find a branch of holly?

Since social media is a huge part of my online brand, these results aren't surprising - look at all that blue!

what type of posts do you enjoy the most?

what topics do you enjoy the most?

This was actually really interesting when I was looking at the results. It's encouraged me to add more lifestyle posts into my content plan.

Do you subscribe to the a branch of holly newsletter?

This was a pretty even split. Just over half of you subscribe to the A Branch of Holly newsletter. As for the rest of you... look out at the end of this post! ;)


what else would you like to see on a branch of holly?

I'm always so thankful for your words of support and of course, I'll take all your ideas on board. Here are some of my favourites.

"More life stuff; they're probably my favourite posts. How to deal with stress, look after yourself, morning and evening rituals, dealing with particular personal situations."

"Step by step guides that possibly involve photos or graphs."

"More of Holly!"

"Love the content!"

what is one of your biggest goals for 2016?

I wanted to ask this question to find out more about you and what you want to achieve. The variety of things listed here is amazing.

"To lose weight."

"Be earning money from self-employment once a month."

"To really kick off my business and sell things."

"To sell more copies of my e-cookbook to people other than family and immediate friends."

"To complete my rebrand and launch my new (DIY) web design."

"To create a product line/brand that is cohesive with my current blog."

"To get 1,000 Twitter followers."

"Launch my first course and continue building my audience."

"To blog more consistently."

"To be able to move across the country without worrying if I'll be able to find a job quickly, because my blog is supplementing my income."

"Full-time blogging."

"To finish my novel and get it published, and to work on making my blog a career (side hustle style!)

"Make a career as an artist/blogger."

"Book clients three months ahead of time."

what is one of your biggest struggles with your career right now?

My career is a huge part of my life and if talking to you is anything to go by, it's just as important to you too. It was thought-provoking to see what you're struggling with.


"To stay on top of everything."

"Trying to build my brand and make a profit."

"Issues with commuting."

"Trying to get hold of the opportunity to work full-time."

"My career isn't fulfilling."

"Keeping my job!"

"Finding the right job for the right money."

"Balancing my 9-5 with my side hustle."

"I've reached the peak - nowhere really to go. I wish I had picked a different path!"

"It's just a job. It isn't motivating me."

"Growing my subscriber list."

"Content and product idea generation - I need someone to tell me what to create."

"Getting found."


what is one of your biggest struggles with social media right now?

Social media is my day job - now I know exactly what I can help you with!

"Lack of interest with it!"

"It's just too much. Too many channels, too demanding, often too noisy. But I do love Twitter!"

"Building my following so that I can have more sponsorship opportunities with bigger brands."

"Needing to unfollow people and accounts that do not help me lead the life I want to lead."

"Being able to build a loyal and engaged following."

"Getting followers."

"Knowing what to post on which platform."


"I feel like I don't have enough engagement with my blog or twitter presence."


"Figuring out Pinterest and getting referrals that way."


Now for a special preview for you...

The Blogging Breakthrough series ended last week - but it's not going anywhere. As some of you might've seen, I'm creating a free eBook that you'll be able to download so you can have the challenge all in one place!

And since it's launching in a week, I wanted to give you a special preview of the design...

Blogging Breakthrough - the eBook

Here is just a little insight into what the front cover and inside pages are going to look like!


What do you think? Do you like the look? I'd love to hear any feedback in the comments. And make sure you sign up at the bottom to get your hands on it first!

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