Top Posts For Weekend Reading | 17.07.15

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, friends! It's not long before it rolls around again, is it? This week has been pretty mixed. There have been times when I've felt at rock bottom, and other times when I've felt really confident to face the world. A bug I caught for the weekend knocked me out flat for a few days. Then on Tuesday we celebrated my brother's graduation. As for the rest of the week, it's given me a sense of clarity. Do you ever find that you need to be knocked back or have a bad experience to make you realise what you want and don't want? I know now, what I want to create for myself. So here's to the weekend and here's to clarity - plus some of the best motivational blog posts from the past few days...

Wondering why no one's reading your blog? We've all been there. Melyssa has got the reasons for this PLUS how to fix them. 

If you're thinking about starting a freelance business in the future, Carrie has got a great post about what she wishes she'd known when she first began.

Jamie from Spruce Rd has got ten great tips on creating share-worthy design.

Is your blog focus obvious to new readers? Sarah has got some great tips if you're unsure.

Struggling to know how to use Facebook for your blog? Allison has got four steps for you to try.

Lauren has got brilliant insights into how passive income allows you to work smarter not harder.


What have been some of your favourite blog posts of the week? Leave a link in a comment below!

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