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Career 101: 5 Ways To Turn Your Internship Into A Job

In today’s world, employers are only looking for one thing – experience.

But where do you start? How do you get someone to take you on when you don’t have that much experience?

That’s where internships come in. 

Some people hear the word “intern” and think about coffee runs and tedious tasks. Yes, sometimes you might be asked to make a round of tea. But there stereotypes are exaggerated.

Internships are brilliant ways to improve the “Experience” part of your CV. They can build your professional and personal skills at the same time.

The subject of internships is vast. It could be a four week unpaid one at a magazine publication, like I did. Or a six month internship with a company, where you’re paid travel expenses. But usually, the pay will be low. So if you’re doing an internship it’s important to get the most out of it as possible. Best case scernario? You get a job out of it.

Research shows employers convert a third of their interns into full time employees. 

The value of internships is only going to continue to increase. The fact that you might be able to get a job out of it would be even better. But how do you do that?

Today I’m going to share some tips for how you can change your internship into a job.


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