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The Friday Files: Getting Back Into Reading

On a recent blog post, a reader left a comment that sparked the inspiration for this post. She said:

"I totally agree with you about priorities. Reading is pretty much my #1 love, so I know that if I don't get time to read in a day (or week) because I'm too busy, I need to sort my life out."

It really made me think about my own reading experiences.

As a teenager, I loved reading and I still do now. But back then, I read so many books. I'd spend an entire evening and go into the early hours of a morning finishing my favourite book. 

When my studies at university got tougher and I started this blog alongside my MA course and a full-time job, reading slipped down my list of priorities.

So much so, that I can't remember the last time I read a full book from cover to cover.

And I mean an actual book. Sure I read online every day. I read magazines. 

But you can't get lost in those, the way you can get lost in a good book.

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Blog Love: September

So for this month's round up of some of the best content from around the web, I've decided to change the title from Post Love to Blog Love. I've been noticing recently that sometimes I can't just pick one post from my favourite blogs - you all have so many great ideas! Here are my favourites from this month and trust me, there's some amazing reading in this list.

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