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Seven For Sunday

This week started off really lovely, went a bit downhill and then just picked right back up again.

Valentine's Day with Tom was lovely. We went for a drive round the countryside, had a very yummy meal and ended it with a workout together. Definitely my kinda Sunday.

This week I've been off work and I was looking forward to some relaxing time catching up with all my blog and freelance work. But looking back, I think I bit off more than I could chew. It was safe to say that I had more on my plate than I could handle. But I feel in a much better place now.

My mum was off too and we had plans to do a lot - but we had no heat or hot water for the whole week! So most days we had to wait in for British Gas to come and add another part to the boiler and boy did we get cabin fever. It's still not fixed now! 

But the past few days have been lovely. I had my hair done on Tuesday in a new balayage colour style and I'm in love with it. On Friday, my mum and I took my nana to a garden and home centre for a browse and lunch - although browsing definitely turned into buying! I saw lots of lovely things for mine and Tom's future home so I took some pictures to remind myself of them later on.

Then yesterday, my mum and I went to Boundary Mill and let me tell you - it was like heaven. Designer clothes and homeware at more than HALF the price. I got so excited. I bought a gorgeous Jaeger trench coat for more than half price and a pair of gorgeous black knee high boots. Find me on Snapchat at abranchofholly to see everything!

It's back to work on Monday but the week is ending on a high with a trip to see my brother at university and Sunday lunch out. Bliss.

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21 of the Best Things to Do Before Spring

Getting cabin fever? Sick of staying indoors and watching the rain fall down? Fed up of feeling cold? I'm with you. Sometimes, it seems like this winter is going to last forever – we've just had our ninth storm of 2016! But instead of waiting for Spring to arrive, why not make the most of the colder months? That’s my plan. When you think about it, there are actually some things that make winter one of the most beautiful seasons. Today, I thought I’d share some inspiration from my own list on some of the best things to do before Spring. 

1. Master a hot chocolate recipe. I love going out for a warm hot chocolate (the M&S café is my favourite), but I’ve always wanted to try a recipe too. My biggest issue is worrying that it won’t taste as good. But if I can master it before spring, then next winter I’ll be on a roll!

2. Give my bedroom a deep clean. I don’t know what it is about a new season that gives me the urge to clean. Before Christmas I gave my room a completely sort out and when I’m off next week I might do it again. The smell of things being clean really screams Spring to me.

3. Have a film marathon. Truth be told, I’m a real homebody. I like getting dressed up and going out, but I love cosying up at home even more. Tom and I have a list of films to watch so I’m gonna’ suggest that we book a weekend to tick them off the list.

4. Colour your hair. With the weather getting brighter and warmer, it’s the perfect time to add a bit of colour to your hair too. Next week my hairdresser is coming to do me an Ombré style, where I’m getting a caramel shade put towards the ends of my hair so they’re lighter. I can’t wait!

5. Get wrapped up and go on a long walk. There’s still time to get bundled up in your favourite coat, wear your new hat, put your favourite boots on and go for a walk. You’ll be surprised how much the icy hair can brighten up your skin.

6. Find some spring recipes. We’ve been having warm stews, casseroles and pasta bakes for months now. But with a new season on the way, I’m on the hunt for some lighter and brighter dishes. Pasta and rice are always welcome!

7. Plan a holiday. I know it’s only spring, but who’s to say you can’t look forward to summer? Now is the perfect time to get your holiday sorted. Tom and I did this on Monday – we’ve booked a long weekend in Dublin at the start of June and we’re hoping to do another long weekend later in the year somewhere too.

8. Bake. There’s always an excuse to bake. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up! I’m planning on baking up some Valentine’s themed biscuits on Saturday.

9. Get some snaps of the first snowdrops. When I was out in the garden the other day I noticed the first signs of snowdrops. That definitely requires a photo.

10. Visit a farmers market. This is becoming a weekend habit of mine and Tom’s. There are so many around, you can visit a different one each time.

11. Keep your feet warm in layers of comfy socks. Because it’s always your feet that feel the chill the most. 

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