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The Thoughts Of A 20-Something On: Growth

When beginning to write this post, I thought I’d turn to Google.

Just to see what came up if I searched “how you can grow”. The results made me laugh. They all contained links to advice for how to grow taller.

Not exactly what I wanted.

This made me realise that perhaps the subject of growth is just too unique for us to generalise. Which was actually the original plan for this post. I was planning on writing about how we see growth. To go into detail on how we all grow in unique ways and how each of our versions of growth are so different. But it's for those reasons that I decided to go about this differently.

So instead, I thought I'd reflect on this month's theme by talking about my personal growth so far, and how I want to grow in the future. I'm sure some of these will relate to you.

I hope they will inspire, help and encourage you to continue growing on your own path, in your own unique way.

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