Thinking About Doing a Masters Degree?

Doing an undergraduate degree and going to university is one of the biggest and most life changing experiences of our lives. Even though those three years are hard (but definitely enjoyable) a masters course is on a completely different level.

A lot of people will be starting university this Autumn or going into their second or third year, but a lot of people will also be starting an MA. If you think it's going to be the same, then think again. Here's a few tips and a bit of an insight.

Don't Be Afraid to Do It

It might seem like you're about to embark upon the scariest chapter of your life so far. You might want to change your mind a couple of months or weeks before starting it but don't. The first step is deciding to do it. After that you're already half way there. Well, kind of.

Be Prepared

They say that going to university and doing an undergraduate degree is a challenge. But a masters? You always hear the horror stories about how much work it is, but honestly, you don't realise it until you actually do it. If you're going to do a masters, you have to be prepared that it is going to be more work than you've ever had to handle and also be prepared that you'll have to give it your all.

Take Everything In

Everything you'll learn on a masters course will be valuable. Every single little detail. I remember one of the things our tutor told us before we went on placement was to smile at everyone and say hello. And it works. Just note down everything, remember everything and take everything in.

It's Going to Be Hard

In more ways than one. There'll be moments where you'll feel completely overwhelmed and won't know what to do. There'll be people that make it that little bit more difficult for you and you've just got to ignore them. And there'll be moments where you'll be praying that all the hard work, stress and worry will pay off.

Look after Your Health

It's the most important thing of all. Most days you're basically going to be working from the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed. You'll want to eat junk food to keep you going. Believe me, the amount of flapjacks I had I could've started my own shop. I worked hard but I was still ill three times during the course, even though I looked after myself. You've just got to make sure you give yourself some time off.

Make the Most of It

When I first started, I thought the course was just going to go steady. But then it was a couple of months until we were finishing and it had just flown. So make the most of it. For me, now, it's more memorable than three years doing my undergraduate degree. Enjoy the skills you use, learn and grow, enjoy the people that want to work in a similar industry to you and enjoy making one of the most important steps in starting your career.

It'll Change Your Life

Before a masters, I used to say that my undergraduate degree was the best years of my life. Today? This one year completely takes over those three. At one point I didn't even think I was going to do it. But I did it, did more then I ever thought possible, achieved more than I ever thought possible, made friends that I know will be there for a long time and met the person I fell in love with and who I'm starting the rest of my life with. You just can't predict these things and that's what's so great about a masters.

It's Worth It

It's definitely worth it.


Have you ever thought about doing a masters degree?

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