Girlboss Habits - Do We Really Need Them?

We really need to talk about the word "girlboss" and how it's perceived in our industry.

I recently did a poll on Twitter and Instagram to get people's opinions about this. I asked my audience if they preferred the word "girlboss" or the word "boss" as a singular. And the feedback has been SO interesting.

Most people are not a big fan of the word "girlboss."


Some people feel the word "girlboss" is outdated and overused, and lots of people said it's a word that they just can't relate to. There was also a general view that this word provides a false expectation of what' it's like to be a self-employed business owner.

I think there is a false representation of what a girlboss is. It conveys that every girl wants to aim to have a successful business and in order to do that you need to be making six figures. 

This is a false lifestyle that is presented to us and people are starting to see through that, which is why they can't relate to it.

On the other hand, the word "boss" is a word loved by lots of people. It makes them feel empowered and encouraged, and they find it much more relatable than the term "girlboss".

A lot of people now aren't striving to do everything. They want to do certain things and do those things well. It's not a dream for every single blogger out there to turn their blog into a full-time business.

We all have lots of things in our lives that we want to do well both personally and professionally. Lots of people have their own business or a day job that is their focus and they are happy with that, and happy with running their blog on the side.

A lot of people are now happy with building up their online visibility through their blog and social platforms, alongside their day job or business.

That's why I personally think a lot of people can relate to the word "boss", because it's basically saying, you can trust in the fact that you can boss your blog whilst you are still doing all the other things you want to do.

It's a really interesting conversation and I'd absolutely love to know your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me to carry on the conversation.

Remember to keep managing your blog like a boss so you can get one step closer to a breakthrough.


Do we really need to become a girl boss? And do we need to develop girl boss habits? Let’s have a chat about it - A Branch of Holly