Worried that your blog or biz is going to slow down over the summer months? You're not alone.

With people going on holiday and spending more time outside, everyone feels the effects of this down time.

While my blog and business aren't slowing down too much, I'm already anticipating the trend of having fewer projects than usual as we move into summer.

But instead of worrying or letting the fear take over you, think of this as a good thing. This slump is actually a perfect time for you to do more to grow your blog or business. It might mean trying new experiments on social media or refining your content strategy.

A key thing that will keep your inspiration high and keep you working towards your blog or business goals is reading other blogs that will help you grow.

There are a lot of online marketing blogs out there. Some of them you’ll know very well - Melyssa Griffin, ByRegina, The Buffer Blog - but there are also some lesser known ones that you’ll become addicted to.

I love reading blogs of other marketing experts out there. I find that the best recipe for what makes a blog great (and will help take yours to the next level) is one that is:

  • Full of useful information
  • Personal

So to change things up a bit today, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite blogs that will help keep your online presence growing. Excited?

blogs to improve your knowledge about online marketing
blogs to improve your knowledge of online marketing

Zoe Linda is an online marketing extraordinaire and I'm even lucky enough to call her a friend. 

Her specialities? Social and influencer marketing. Whether you want to start collaborating with others, organise your blog content or up your Instagram game, Zoe has got you covered. Her blog is filled with ultimate posts, including real-life examples, screenshots and free resources for you to keep.

Plus, she’s written a guest post for my blog which I’m SO excited about you seeing!

Here’s her latest post for you to devour: 7 Instagram Growth Hacks: How to Authentically Grow Your Following + Engagement on Instagram.

Be sure to download her extra free resources for each content too - they’ll seriously help you!


blogs to improve your knowledge of online marketing

Kayla’s blog is full of some of the best posts to help you grow and nurture a community online. Kayla is the type of person I really wish I knew in real life - down-to-earth, authentic and super SUPER knowledgeable!

If you want to know about building a community online, you go to Kayla - it’s that simple. Whether your focus is on brand strategy or content creation, she has a whole host of posts to get you started.

She's has actually just done a fantastic series on her blog all about email marketing, which is well worth a read.


blogs to improve your knowledge of online marketing

You might know Helen from her other blog, A Bookish Baker - this is one she’s recently set up and I’m SO glad she did. Helen is a writer and creative, who helps writers grow and develop their online platforms.

She’s also got 10k Instagram followers.

Her marketing blog is well worth a read for real-life advice on social strategies and marketing techniques that are really going to make a difference to your online presence. I can’t wait for her to start creating more content!

One post that I really learned a lot from was her story on how she Gained 10k Instagram Followers.


blogs to improve your knowledge of online marketing

Krista’s site is all about helping people achieve financial freedom through their blog, with the use of content and community-building strategies. Her branding is seriously on point, and I dare you not to go back through all of her posts with a notebook and pen in hand.

One post that is hugely valuable for any blogger or business owner to start reading is her first income report: Quarter 1 in Review - How I Made $15,000 From My Blog.


blogs to improve knowledge of online marketing

I have been absolutely loving reading Kate blog’s for so long now and it’s great for helping you believe in yourself and knowing your self-worth in the online world.

When I first found her blog, I instantly signed up to her mailing list because I loved every single post on there. Her focus is on helping business owners create premium offers and charge what they’re worth - but this can relate to bloggers too.

Her writing is personal, engaging and full of useful tips for growing your online presence.

If you’re looking for a post to challenge your mindset, make sure you check out this post, Imagine Never Feeling Burnt Out Again... Here’s How to Protect Yourself Starting Today.

#6 | ME & ORLA

blogs to improve knowledge of online marketing

Sara’s blog is creative, beautiful, personal and full of incredible tips about Instagram! While hers isn’t specially a marketing blog, she provides inspiration, advice and tips for anyone using Instagram to grow their online presence, intertwined with her personal stories.

For me, her best content includes digging deep into her opinions about Instagram (her recent post on Instagram pods was a great read), and she’s also just launched a podcast which you seriously need to check out. 

Definitely check out her Instagram feed and podcast, all about building an online presence right here.


blogs to improve knowledge of online marketing

Elle & Company is one of the first marketing blogs I ever started reading. Lauren runs her own design business and her blog is the perfect companion to help boost her business - she credits all her success to it.

She started off just writing about design, but now she’s moved onto a variety of topics from social media to productivity and content creation.

This content is great for bloggers, business owners and anyone who runs an online presence. Her writing is easy-to-read and actionable - plus she has loads of free resources.

Lauren is also an advocate for Squarespace (like me!), so a perfect post for you to take a look at is Getting Started With Squarespace.

Now it's your turn to take action

Whether you're a blogger, creative entrepreneur or small business owner, marketing is part of the job. It's up to you to improve your skills and get better at what you do.

I've been reading most of these blogs for months and months (some even years!) They constantly produce high quality content that will help you succeed.

Put some time aside this summer to knuckle down and get some reading done. Enjoy!


What's one blog you're a huge fan of that isn't on this list? Share it with us in the comments!